Is Willem Dafoe’s Vulko In Aquaman 2?



 What Fans Are Wondering

DC Studios is all set to release the much-awaited sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, starring Jason Momoa. The trailer promises an exciting watch for fans around the world.


Where’s Willem Dafoe’s Vulko?

Many fans have noticed that Willem Dafoe, who played the character Nuidis Vulko in the first Aquaman movie, is missing from the sequel’s trailer. This has raised questions about his return.


 Why Willem Dafoe Won’t Return

Director James Wan revealed that Willem Dafoe couldn’t be a part of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom due to scheduling conflicts. Unfortunately, his prior commitments on other projects like Asteroid City and Poor Things clashed with the production timeline of the DC sequel.


Expanding Atlanna’s Role

With Willem Dafoe’s absence, director James Wan saw an opportunity to delve deeper into the character of Nicole Kidman, who plays Arthur Curry’s mother, Atlanna. In this sequel, Atlanna becomes Arthur’s advisor, helping him navigate the complexities of his new world.

What’s in Store for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

James Wan shared insights into the movie’s premise. While the first Aquaman focused on Arthur and Mera’s love story, the sequel will center around Arthur and his half-brother Orm. It’s described as a “bromance action-adventure” film, with the duo teaming up to defend Atlantis against the formidable Black Manta.

 The End of the Snyderverse Era

This film marks the conclusion of the Snyderverse era, but there’s no official confirmation about Jason Momoa’s Aquaman continuing in the new DC Universe led by James Gunn.


Exploring New Avenues

The absence of Willem Dafoe’s character raises intriguing possibilities for Aquaman 2. How will the movie use this opportunity to spotlight other characters, particularly Atlanna? Share your thoughts in the comments!