James Gunn Controversy Explained: Why He Deleted Facebook Account After His Controversial Comments



The internet is buzzing with a name that has caught everyone’s attention – James Gunn. This American filmmaker and studio executive, well-known in the entertainment industry, is making headlines due to a recent scandal. People from all around the world are searching for answers, wondering what exactly happened. In this article, we’ll break down the James Gunn controversy, explaining why he deleted his Facebook account after making controversial comments.


The James Gunn Controversy Unveiled

The power of social media has once again come into focus, and we’re here to provide the facts for those curious netizens seeking answers. The James Gunn controversy has been causing quite a stir, particularly regarding his removal from “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.” Let’s dive into the details and unravel this intriguing story step by step.


Understanding the James Gunn Controversy

The root of this scandal dates back to 2018 when “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” was a hot topic of controversy. It all began when old tweets resurfaced, featuring Gunn’s jokes on extremely sensitive subjects like pedophilia and molestation. His attempt at humor, even on such delicate matters, has stirred up quite the controversy, bringing it back into the spotlight. So, why are people talking about this now? We’ll delve deeper into the specifics in the following section.


The Controversial Tweets

These offensive tweets quickly went viral due to their controversial nature. Disney, a studio known for its family-friendly image, deemed Gunn’s online behavior inconsistent with their values, leading to their decision to sever ties with him. The public outcry over this controversy has sparked numerous discussions about Gunn and his past actions. The name James Gunn is now synonymous with controversy, and it’s a topic that’s dominating online conversations. Many of these problematic tweets were originally posted in the late 2000s and early 2010s. In the next section, we will provide additional insights into this ongoing issue, gathering information from various sources to keep you informed.



The James Gunn controversy serves as a reminder of how the past can catch up with individuals, especially in the era of social media. Gunn’s case highlights the consequences of making insensitive remarks on the internet, even if they were made years ago. As this story continues to develop, we’ll be here to provide you with updates and additional information. Stay tuned for more on this trending topic, right here on our site.