James Gunn Spills The One Thing His DCU Does Different From The MCU



James Gunn, the new helmsman of DC Studios, alongside co-leader Peter Safran, has laid out the initial blueprint for the DC Universe (DCU). They’re aiming to steer this ship into a new era of superhero storytelling. While the DCU has faced its share of challenges, Gunn is determined to chart a distinct course. Let’s delve into what sets the DCU apart from its Marvel counterpart.


A Different Universe

In the DCU, heroes like Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man inhabit separate realms. While Spider-Man swings through New York’s skyscrapers, Superman soars over Metropolis, and Batman safeguards Gotham. This distinct backdrop lends a unique flavor to each superhero’s adventures.


Secret Identities and Dual Lives

In the DCU, secrecy is paramount. Unlike the MCU, where heroes like Iron Man and Captain America operate openly, DC’s champions maintain dual lives. Clark Kent and Superman, Bruce Wayne and Batman, are not one and the same. This duality adds a layer of intrigue to their stories.


James Gunn’s Insight

James Gunn, known for his stellar work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with “Guardians of the Galaxy,” recognizes the essence of these differences. Unlike prior attempts to mimic the MCU’s success, Gunn aims to honor the distinct identity of the DCU.


Civilian vs. Superhero Persona

Gunn emphasizes the fracture between the civilian and superhero personas in DC. He points out that, in the MCU, secret identities are rare. But in DC, characters like Superman and Clark Kent are distinctly separate individuals. This dual existence requires a grounded approach within the fantastical world of DC.


A Fantasy-Laden Universe

Gunn paints the DCU as a realm steeped in fantasy and magic, setting it apart from the more reality-rooted MCU. He draws parallels to the intricate world of Westeros in “Game of Thrones.” This alternate history, with cities like Gotham and Metropolis, invites viewers into a wholly different reality.


Architectural Marvels of Gotham and Metropolis

A touch of fantasy can be the key to unlocking the full potential of Gotham and Metropolis. Gunn envisions Gotham as a surreal masterpiece of Gothic architecture, reminiscent of Burton and Schumacher’s iconic films. Meanwhile, Metropolis combines elements of art-deco and futurism, creating a visually captivating setting.



James Gunn’s vision for the DCU promises a fresh narrative approach, embracing the unique elements that distinguish it from the MCU. The interplay between secret identities, the fantastical nature of the universe, and the architectural wonders of cities like Gotham and Metropolis set the stage for a captivating new chapter in DC’s cinematic journey. It remains to be seen if this fresh perspective will propel the DCU to new heights and provide a true contender to the MCU’s dominance.