Janiya Armstrong Death And Obituary: Who Is Janiya Armstrong?



Who Was Janiya Armstrong?

Janiya Armstrong, a remarkable young athlete, led the women’s varsity volleyball team at Saltillo High School. She was not just an athlete; she was a force of nature on the court. Her skills in speed, strength, and technique set her apart as one of the best high school volleyball players ever. However, it wasn’t just her athleticism that made her stand out; it was her incredible personality.

Janiya had an impact that extended far beyond the volleyball court. She was a true leader, inspiring her teammates with her outstanding qualities. Her dedication to excellence, both academically and athletically, served as a shining example to those around her. Whether it was during training or competition, Janiya always maintained her focus and self-control.


The Mysterious Passing of Janiya Armstrong

The news of Janiya Armstrong’s passing has left everyone who knew her in deep sorrow. She was a young woman who lived life to the fullest and left an indelible mark on those she encountered. The Tiger Family, in particular, is overwhelmed with grief at this loss.

Currently, the circumstances surrounding Janiya’s death remain unknown. Her family and the community are eager to find answers. Mooresville High School expressed their condolences and support for the Saltillo Lady Tigers through a heartfelt message on their official Facebook page.


A Community in Mourning

Katie Bishop Nelson, in a touching Facebook post, confirmed Janiya’s passing and conveyed the shock and sorrow that has gripped the community. Janiya’s memory will forever live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her. While the details of Janiya Armstrong’s obituary and funeral plans will be shared at a later date, her family is currently taking the time they need to grieve and begin the healing process.

In times like these, communities come together to support one another. Janiya’s legacy will continue to inspire those who follow in her footsteps, both on and off the volleyball court.



Janiya Armstrong was more than just a gifted athlete; she was a role model and a leader. Her dedication to excellence, her remarkable skills, and her impact on her community will never be forgotten. As we await more information about the circumstances of her passing, let us remember Janiya for the incredible person she was and the inspiration she provided to everyone around her.