John Pork Is Calling Meme Explained



The internet thrives on memes, those quirky, shareable bits of humor that unite us across the digital realm. From SpongeBob SquarePants to Bugs Bunny, we’ve seen them all. However, a new meme sensation recently burst onto the scene and made its way into millions of hearts, only to disappear just as quickly. It’s called the “John Pork Is Calling” meme, and in this article, we’ll delve into its strange and fascinating story.


Who is John Pork?

Imagine a character that’s part human, part pig. That’s John Pork for you! He’s a virtual influencer who’s become an internet sensation, primarily on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. With an Instagram account dating back to 2018, John Pork has amassed a following of 347,000 fans. He even has a Twitter handle, @itsmeJohnPork, where he shares his digital adventures. Over the years, he’s crafted content that resonated with users on various social media outlets.


The Rise of the “John Pork Is Calling You” Meme

One day, a peculiar meme began circulating on TikTok – the “John Pork Is Calling You” meme. It featured a bizarre but oddly captivating image of John Pork’s face plastered on a phone’s incoming call screen. Creators of the meme asked viewers a simple question: “Would you answer a call from John Pork?” The meme’s popularity soared, driven by the peculiar and unforgettable appearance of the pigman. Yet, just as swiftly as it rose to fame, the meme’s hype faded.


John Pork’s Viral Moment

The “John Pork Is Calling You” meme took TikTok by storm. It was fresh and intriguing, leaving many wondering who this peculiar character was. John Pork’s unique appearance – a man with a pig’s head and a human body – added to the meme’s mystique. It’s unclear whether this phenomenon was a social experiment or just someone’s idea of fun.


A Meme’s Evolution

The meme wasn’t a one-hit wonder. It evolved and took on new forms, but its essence remained the same – John Pork making a “call” on your cellphone. Creators used Capcut templates to mimic an incoming call notification, complete with sound effects. Viewers were asked if they’d pick up a call from this anthropomorphic pig character. Within a mere three days, the meme garnered a staggering 2.7 million views. TikTokers, including @rover.joe, were among the first to embrace and share this viral sensation.


The Curious Demise of John Pork

However, there’s a twist in this tale. The meme’s popularity didn’t wane because its creator decided to retire the character. Instead, a peculiar and rather somber rumor began to spread across TikTok – the rumor of John Pork’s demise. Users began pretending that John Pork met an untimely end, or some tragic event befell him, all because no one answered his calls, leaving him in dire straits. It’s a poignant end to a viral meme, but the internet is a fast-moving place, and trends come and go in the blink of an eye.



The “John Pork Is Calling” meme, with its uncanny pigman and quirky charm, captured the attention of millions online. While it may have faded into obscurity as quickly as it arrived, it serves as yet another testament to the unpredictable nature of internet fame. John Pork’s strange journey from obscurity to stardom, and ultimately to his fictional demise, is a story that highlights the whimsical and ever-evolving world of online memes. So, the next time a peculiar meme captures your attention, remember John Pork and the curious case of his viral calls.