Johnny Depp’s Net Worth Before After Amber Heard Trial



Johnny Depp, once known for his famous roles like Captain Jack Sparrow and Willy Wonka, has seen his life in the spotlight take a rough turn lately. He’s had an amazing career in movies, but things changed when his personal life became public.


Johnny’s Wealth: Then and Now

Johnny Depp made a staggering $300 million from just the Pirates of the Caribbean films. He added another $68 million for his role as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. His presence in a movie almost guaranteed success. But, over time, his financial situation started to change.

Depp had a legal battle with his management firm, TMG, suing them for $25 million, and they countersued him in return. During this case, it came out that Johnny spent extravagantly. He was dropping $30,000 every month on wine and had 14 residences costing him a massive $75 million. Eventually, Johnny and TMG reached a secret settlement.

In 2016, his then-spouse Amber Heard filed for divorce, accusing him of physical abuse. At that time, Depp’s net worth stood at a solid $400 million. But as the legal battles raged on, his finances dwindled to an unexpected $150 million by 2023.

The divorce wasn’t the sole reason for Depp’s financial woes. He lived a lavish lifestyle, and in 2016, it was revealed that he spent a mind-boggling $2 million each month.


Impact of Amber Heard Case on Depp’s Career

The whole world watched as Johnny and Amber’s defamation case unfolded. It became evident that both of them suffered from the fallout. Disney removed Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean 6, a significant move. He also couldn’t reprise his role as Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts movies.

Due to the allegations against him, Depp claims to have lost tens of millions of dollars in career earnings. In 2020, he appeared in only a few low-budget films, a far cry from his previous blockbuster roles.


Amber Heard’s Finances & the Defamation Case Consequences

Compared to Johnny’s extravagant spending, Amber Heard’s net worth seems modest. Multiple sources estimate her net worth at $8 million. She earned $1 million from the first Aquaman movie and twice that for the sequel as part of a three-movie contract.

During their divorce, Depp and Heard reached a $7 million settlement. Depp donated his share to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and another $7 million was supposed to go to Heard, who was to make similar donations. However, it later came to light that she hadn’t fulfilled her end of the deal.

In the defamation case, Heard was ordered to pay $15 million to Depp, while Depp was ordered to pay $2 million. This was undoubtedly a setback for Heard’s financial situation, and her current net worth is now just $1 million.


What’s Next for Depp and Heard’s Careers?

After the grueling trial, both Depp and Heard have had to rethink their careers. But what do the film industry and fans think about their futures?

Johnny Depp quickly found his footing in the industry, thanks to strong support from his fans. He’s set to appear in Jeanne du Barry, where he plays King Louis XV. He’s also listed in the cast for Beetlejuice 2 and will be the director of the upcoming film Modigliani.

For Amber Heard, things seem a bit tougher. She’s currently living in Spain under a different name and focusing on raising her daughter. Aside from a reduced role in Aquaman 2, it doesn’t appear that she’s receiving any new offers.

In the end, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have faced many challenges in their personal and professional lives. Only time will tell if they can make a full comeback in the world of Hollywood.