Jordan Banjo flaunts new teeth on The Greatest Dancer: Where did he get them done?



The Greatest Dancer, a thrilling dance competition, graced BBC screens in 2019. Now, back for a second season in 2020, the show boasts captains Cheryl, Matthew Morrison, Oti Mabuse, and Todrick Hall. Alesha Dixon and Jordan Banjo, the lively hosting duo, add their sparkle to the show.


A New Look for Jordan Banjo

As viewers tuned in for the latest season, they couldn’t help but notice a change in Jordan Banjo’s appearance. Unlike traditional shows, The Greatest Dancer relies on the audience to choose the acts that advance. They must garner at least 75% of the votes to progress. Alesha Dixon and Jordan Banjo often share their reactions, adding a touch of humor to the proceedings.


The Transformation: Jordan’s Gleaming Teeth

The spotlight fell on Jordan Banjo’s gleaming smile, catching the eyes of many. A closer look revealed a brand new set of veneers that he proudly sported from the very first episode, which aired on Saturday, January 4th at 7 pm on BBC One.


Where Did Jordan Banjo Get His Dazzling Smile?

In May 2019, Jordan Banjo shared a glimpse of his dental journey on Instagram. His destination for this transformative change was Kiss Dental, located in Manchester, UK. Dr. Kailesh Solanki, the skilled dentist behind this dazzling transformation, has been creating life-changing smiles since 2005, as proudly stated on his Instagram profile.


More Than Just a Smile: Kiss Dental’s Offerings

Kiss Dental, the go-to dental clinic for Jordan Banjo, offers more than just cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Kailesh Solanki and his team provide a range of services, including free initial consultations and attractive 0% finance deals. This ensures that not only celebrities like Jordan, but also everyday individuals, can achieve their dream smiles.


Conclusion: A Radiant Transformation

Jordan Banjo’s radiant new smile is a testament to the transformative power of modern dentistry. Thanks to Kiss Dental and the expertise of Dr. Kailesh Solanki, Jordan now dazzles on The Greatest Dancer stage with confidence and style. As the competition heats up, Jordan’s smile stands as a shining example of the incredible possibilities that lie within a visit to the dentist.