Jordan Blake’s Cause Of Death? A Skylit Drive Vocalist Passed Away At The Age Of 36



It is with heavy hearts that we report the passing of Jordan Blake, a pioneer of high-pitched clean vocals mixed with screaming that left an indelible mark on the post-hardcore music genre. Jordan’s journey in music was marked by talent and innovation, but it was also marred by health struggles.

In November 2007, during a tour, Jordan Blake faced significant health challenges that forced him to step away from the band. This departure led to Jonny Craig temporarily filling his role for the band while they worked on recording a demo of ‘Knights of the Round.’ Later, Craig Mabbitt, previously of Blesthefall, took over from Craig, and then Michael ‘Jag’ Jagmin joined the lineup.

In 2013, Jordan Blake ventured into new musical endeavors by forming the band Speak of the Devil.


The News of Jordan Blake’s Passing

It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of Jordan Blake, the founding member of the renowned post-hardcore band A Skylit Drive. The band confirmed this heartbreaking news through their official social media channels. However, the exact cause of Jordan’s passing has not been disclosed to the public. During this difficult time, the family has requested privacy, and we must respect their wishes.

It’s essential to note that Jordan Blake had stepped away from A Skylit Drive back in late 2007 due to health issues. Still, there is no evidence to suggest that his departure was related to mental illness or suicide.


Jordan Blake: A Distinguished Music Career

In addition to his pivotal role as a lead vocalist in A Skylit Drive, Jordan Blake made significant contributions to other musical projects, including Ann Arbor, Trances, Watchout! There are Ghosts, and Speak of the Devil. His impact on the post-hardcore music scene cannot be overstated.

Born on June 20, 1986, in Lodi, California, Jordan Blake collaborated with Joshua Stotts to form the band Watch Out! after their departure from A Skylit Drive. The band went on to sign with Rise Records and released a single album titled ‘Ghost Town,’ accompanied by a music video for their single ‘The Shakeup.’


Remembering Jordan Blake

Jordan Blake’s passing is a significant loss for the music community, and his contributions will be remembered and cherished by fans worldwide. The family has requested privacy during this challenging time, and we must honor their wishes.

There were earlier reports suggesting that the band might release a second album titled ‘Ghost Town 2.0’ in 201However, this record was never officially released. In light of the family’s request for privacy, we will refrain from further comments and allow them the space they need to grieve.