Juhi Dahiya Murder Case: Panipat police remain clueless about killers



In 2016, the Juhi Dahiya murder case shook the nation when it first came to light. The mysterious circumstances surrounding Juhi’s death left everyone baffled, and it became a topic of discussion on Crime Patrol Satark Season 1. This popular show, known for its gripping crime stories, dedicated two episodes, titled “Faceless Suspect Part 1” and “Faceless Suspect Part 2,” to unraveling the chilling details of Juhi Dahiya’s murder. However, even after all these years, the Panipat police remain in the dark about the identity of Juhi’s killers. In this article, we’ll delve into the ongoing investigation and shed light on what we know so far.


The Enigmatic Case

In 2016, the Panipat police found Juhi Dahiya’s lifeless body under perplexing circumstances. They initiated a thorough investigation but couldn’t pinpoint any prime suspect in the case. The mystery surrounding Juhi Dahiya’s death persisted, leaving both the authorities and the public puzzled. Despite their relentless efforts, the police were unable to make any breakthroughs.


A Twisted Connection

The puzzle of Juhi Dahiya’s murder took an unexpected turn when the police registered a double homicide case involving Ramanuj and his wife Sadhna. Tragically, both Ramanuj and Sadhna lost their lives in this gruesome incident, while their son Krishna barely survived and remained in critical condition. As the investigators delved into this double homicide case, they began to suspect a connection between this and Juhi Dahiya’s murder. It was as if they were chasing the same shadowy figure.


Connecting the Dots

The police found themselves revisiting the mystery of Juhi Dahiya’s murder as they sought to uncover the common thread linking these two homicide cases. In their quest for answers, a crucial clue emerged that would eventually unravel the enigma behind Juhi Dahiya’s murder and the brutal killings of Ramanuj and Sadhna.


The Breakthrough

After meticulously reevaluating all aspects of Juhi Dahiya’s murder case, the police finally uncovered a clue that connected the dots. This breakthrough sent shockwaves through the community and marked a significant turning point in the investigation. Crime Patrol Satark dedicated two episodes, “Faceless Suspect Part 1” and “Faceless Suspect Part 2,” to recounting this spine-chilling crime story. For those interested, you can find these episodes on YouTube and the SonyLIV app. The show’s fans and concerned citizens eagerly awaited further updates on this captivating case.



The Juhi Dahiya murder case continues to baffle both the Panipat police and the public. The recent breakthrough, linking it to the double homicide of Ramanuj and Sadhna, has shed new light on the investigation. As the authorities dig deeper into this web of mysteries, we can only hope that justice will be served, and the perpetrators will be brought to justice. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving story, as we strive to unravel the truth behind these heinous crimes.