Julia Bulinsky went on Naked and Afraid to ‘prove she’s as good’ as her mom



In the heart of the Mexican rainforest, Julia Bulinsky, a 21-year-old adventurer, took on the challenge of Discovery’s Naked and Afraid. Her mission was clear: to prove that she’s just as fearless as her mom, a former star of the show. Alongside her partner, Waylon Harper, both born from the legacy of Naked and Afraid, they embarked on a daring journey during season 14.


Julia’s Journey on Naked and Afraid

Julia, a former Discovery Channel star, showcased her resilience on Naked and Afraid season 14. Partnered with Waylon, son of Wes Harper, they faced the wild with determination. Julia boldly stated that being unclothed made her feel more at ease, emphasizing her hope for an equally committed and steadfast partner.

For Julia, this journey held a deeper significance. It was a chance to show her mother, Trish Bulinsky, that bravery runs in the family. Trish, a participant in Naked and Afraid season 10 and its XL spin-off in 2022, made her mark in the jungles of Rio Claro, Colombia. Formerly a bartender in New Jersey, Trish transitioned into an adventurer on the Discovery show.


Julia’s Ongoing Quest for Adventure

As Julia stepped into the wild, she confessed to having uncertain aspirations in life. Her Instagram page tells a tale of her love for exploration, with snapshots capturing the diversity of her travels. Whether against snowy backdrops or on sunny shores, Julia shares her escapades with over 5.2k followers on Instagram.

Trish Bulinsky, Julia’s mother, also shares glimpses of their adventures on her Instagram, @trishbulinsky. In 2022, she posted a heartwarming moment with Julia, signifying that their connection transcends the jungles they conquer.


Conclusion: A Testament to Courage and Connection

Julia Bulinsky’s journey on Naked and Afraid not only demonstrated her mettle in the face of adversity but also served as a tribute to the legacy of courage within her family. With her mother, Trish, by her side, their shared adventures weave a tapestry of resilience, proving that bravery knows no bounds. As Julia continues her explorations, she leaves an indelible mark on the world of adventure and a legacy of fearlessness for generations to come.