Kagurabachi: Everything You Need To Know About The New Superhit Manga



In the world of manga, it’s not easy to capture the hearts of fans unless you’ve delivered a bunch of top-quality chapters or have a storyline as captivating as those found in classics like My Hero Academia, Berserk, or One Piece. But recently, a manga series has emerged as the talk of the town, thanks to Shonen Jump’s NEXT WAVE initiative. Kagurabachi, created by Hokazano Takeru, has even been nominated for the prestigious Tezuka Award, putting it on the map alongside other promising nominees like Yoshihiko Hayashi’s MamaYuyu and Elck Itsumo’s Two On Ice.


Kagurabachi Manga Plot

Kagurabachi is an action-packed fantasy manga that made its debut on September 18, 2023. The story revolves around a young boy named Chihiro, who undergoes intense training to become a skilled swordsmith, just like his father, Kunishige.

Kunishige was once a vital figure in the nation’s history, crafting swords that saved countless lives and defended the country from its enemies. While father and son work tirelessly to hone their skills, tragedy strikes, shattering their peaceful life.

Armed with the last sword forged by his father, Chihiro embarks on a journey to seek revenge against a mysterious organization that threatens the nation using dark sorcery. Can he defeat this malevolent organization with his strength alone?


What to Expect From Kagurabachi?

With only one chapter released so far, it’s too early to pass judgment on the entire story. However, the first chapter doesn’t disappoint, offering a blend of Demon Slayer’s intensity and Chainsaw Man’s raw energy.

The initial pages showcase a more violent side, with Chihiro obliterating an entire Yakuza establishment in a single strike, leaving a trail of headless bodies in his wake.

What began as a heartwarming father-son bond takes an unexpected turn, leaving readers eager for what comes next. Although the setting isn’t fully revealed in the first chapter, it appears to be a fantasy tale set in the 19th century, promising potential references to Japanese history and breathtaking sword-fighting scenes.


What Sets Kagurabachi Apart?

While Kagurabachi may not boast any groundbreaking elements, it has managed to generate considerable hype, mainly due to its well-designed protagonist, who bears a striking resemblance to the darker sides of Bleach’s Ichigo and One Piece’s Zoro.

What truly stands out is the exceptional artwork in the first chapter, giving the panels a unique aesthetic. The inclusion of gore has also played a significant role in the manga’s success.

The question now is whether Kagurabachi can achieve the same level of success as other iconic manga series like One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. From a reader’s perspective, it holds the potential to join the ranks of sensational manga like Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, and Fire Force.



While Kagurabachi is just starting its journey, it has already made a substantial impact in the world of manga. The first chapter received widespread praise, with the main character being a standout element. As the manga world sees a growing interest in darker storylines, Kagurabachi arrives at the perfect time to shine and potentially become as successful as Black Clover.

So, if you haven’t read the first chapter of Kagurabachi yet, it might be time to jump on board and experience the excitement surrounding this promising new manga. What are your thoughts on the main character and the series’ setting? Let us know, as Kagurabachi takes its place in the spotlight of the manga world.