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Florence Pugh’s Ever-Changing Love Life

Florence Pugh, the 27-year-old actress known for her incredible talent, has once again stirred up the pop culture world with her love life. After parting ways with actor Zach Braff about a year ago, she has been spotted getting cozy with photographer Charlie Gooch. Though their relationship isn’t crystal clear, recent hints suggest that love may be in the air.


The Mysterious New Romance

Florence Pugh has kept mum about her romantic life lately, but the rumor mill has been buzzing about her connection with Charlie Gooch. The two were seen enjoying a romantic Valentine’s Day date in London, fueling speculation about their budding romance. However, neither Florence nor Charlie has officially confirmed their relationship status at this time.


 Florence Pugh’s Post-Zach Braff Journey

After her breakup with Zach Braff, Florence Pugh was seen spending quality time with Charlie Gooch in February 2023. Their affectionate Valentine’s Day outing only added more fuel to the gossip fire.

Meet Charlie Gooch, the Man in Question

Charlie Gooch, professionally known as Guy Gooch, is a photographer and filmmaker residing in South London. The two seem to share a mutual connection, often featuring each other on their Instagram profiles. Charlie even had the honor of photographing Florence during her Black Widow press tour in 2021, showcasing his excitement with a caption that read, “Shot Florence Pugh as part of her upcoming film Black Widow! Super excited to be part of this journey :).”


 Shared Moments and Common Interests

Charlie Gooch’s Instagram bio mentions his London roots, and it’s believed that he and Florence have a shared circle of friends. They were first seen together at a festival during the summer and later attended a Halloween party as a pair. They also celebrated the New Year alongside friends shortly before Florence’s birthday bash in January, describing the night as spent with ‘beautiful people’ and a ‘beautiful way to start the year.’


Charlie Gooch’s Background

Charlie Gooch, the new man in Florence Pugh’s life, is not just a photographer; he’s also a blogger and author. Raised in Essex with two siblings, his father is a farmer with land in Elmstead Market, near Colchester. Additionally, he has taken on the role of chairman for the Essex County branch of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA).


 Florence Pugh and Zach Braff’s Unusual Friendship

Despite their high-profile breakup, Florence Pugh, aged 27, and her ex, Zach Braff, aged 47, continue to surprise fans with their amicable relationship. They made headlines when they appeared together at the UK premiere of “A Good Person” in March, shortly after rumors of Florence’s new romance with Charlie Gooch surfaced. The former couple shared smiles and posed for photographs on the red carpet, a touching moment after their quiet separation.