Kendi Dusen Aglamaz Season 1 Episode 13 With English Subtitles Release Date And Time: Where To Watch Free?



Release Date and Time

The new episode of Kendi Dusen Aglamaz, Season 1 Episode 13, is set to air on September 14, 2023. This Turkish TV series has gained much love from fans since it first premiered on June 22, 2023. People are eager to know when they can catch the next installment.


Anticipation for the Next Episode

After the last episode, fans are buzzing with excitement about what comes next. You can catch it on your favorite platforms. The show has a strong hold on its audience, leaving them eagerly awaiting each new release.


Countdown to the Release

The countdown has begun, with only 2 days left until the much-anticipated Episode 13 is out. This series is currently one of the hottest trends, and fans can’t wait for the new episodes to drop.


Meet the Cast

Here are the names of the stars you’ll see in Kendi Dusen Aglamaz:

  • Hakan Yilmaz as Nurettin Soner
  • Selen Soyder as Sinem Devran
  • Enes Koçak as Serkan Darica
  • September Tumbar as Alize Soner Darica
  • Hivda Zizan Alp as Serap Bıçakcı
  • Yonca Şahinbaş as Esma Soner
  • Berat Yenilmez as Kadir Darica
  • Yigit Kalkavan as Bahattin
  • Serhan Onat as Alp Demirkan


A Sneak Peek into the Story

The show revolves around Alize Soner, a young and self-centered woman who lost her mother at birth. Raised by her doting father, Alize is deeply attached to social media, where she shares her daily life without much thought about its impact on others. But beneath her confident exterior, Alize harbors a secret longing for her late mother. She lives with her father and aunt, and the upcoming episode promises more insights into her life.