Kim Lee embarks on finding love again after ex Keith Ape on Bling Empire



In 2022, Netflix lets us into the glamorous lives of LA’s elite with the return of Bling Empire. This year, alongside familiar faces like Cherie, Christine, Kevin, Kane, and Kelly, we meet new additions Leah Qin and Dorothy Wang. While the cast may have some fresh faces, there’s underlying tension brewing among the show’s original members.


Kim Lee’s Journey in Love:

Season 2 of Bling Empire unveils a potential romance between Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider. This experience prompts Kim to reflect on her previous encounters with love. Despite being a globally renowned DJ with a thriving career, finding a true partner has proven to be a challenge for her. Let’s delve into the story of the Korean musician Kim Lee referred to as her ex on Bling Empire.


Kim’s Heartfelt Confession:

During a candid conversation with Kelly Mi Li and her mother in Bling Empire Season 2, Kim reveals that she has only truly been in love once before. She bravely shares, “I was kind of like he did me wrong but I still held on. I’m damaged inside, I’m still in the healing process…” Kim recounts a past relationship with a prominent Korean musician, a person she once believed to be “the one.” Sadly, she discloses that she felt betrayed in the end.


Unmasking Kim Lee’s Ex:

Kim Lee’s former flame is none other than the renowned South Korean musician, Keith Ape. Their love story unfolded in 2017, according to sources from The Cinemaholic. The pair even made a stylish appearance at Paris Fashion Week in 2018. Under the stage name Keith Ape, Dongheon Lee is signed with Roc Nation. You can find the musician on Instagram, where he boasts 274K followers (@chrt_keithape). Kim Lee openly shares that he’s a bit more reserved compared to her lively spirit.


Exploring Keith Ape’s Music:

Previously known as Kid Ash, South Korean rapper Keith Ape is a part of the dynamic crew known as The Cohort. Born in Seoul in December 1993, Keith Ape is currently 28 years old. He commands a Twitter following of approximately 38K (@keithape), and interestingly, Kim Lee still follows him. Among his notable works are songs like “It G Ma,” “Achoo!,” and “Gosp.”



As Kim Lee navigates the intricacies of love after her time with Keith Ape, her journey continues to unfold. Her candidness about past heartbreaks and her pursuit of new beginnings resonate with many. We look forward to witnessing Kim’s growth, both in her personal life and her vibrant career as a DJ. With grace and resilience, Kim Lee shows us that love’s journey is a tapestry of experiences, each thread woven with strength and hope.