Kimberly Gill Husband: Is American Tv Host Kimberly Gill Still Married?



In recent days, the names Kimberly Gill and Jonathan Elliot have been buzzing around the internet. People are curious about these two individuals and their relationship. Kimberly Gill, a well-known TV host, caught the public’s attention when she appeared without her wedding ring, leading to speculations about her marriage. Let’s uncover the truth and find out if Kimberly Gill is still married to Jonathan Elliot.


Kimberly Gill

Kimberly Gill is a journalist working with the Local 4 News team. She’s a familiar face in the media and has even earned an Emmy Award for her outstanding work. Born in the United States, Kimberly has been a part of the Local 4 News team since November 2014. Before her journalism career, she had an interesting stint as a truck driver.


Kimberly Gill’s Achievements

One remarkable fact about Kimberly Gill is that she’s a three-time Emmy Award winner. She’s also associated with WDIV-TV and took on the role of lead TC news anchor after Carmen Harlan’s retirement. Before joining WDIV and Local 4 News, she worked for various other news organizations. Her career achievements are noteworthy, but let’s now focus on her personal life and marriage.


Is Kimberly Gill Still Married?

Rumors have been circulating online, suggesting that Kimberly Gill may have divorced her husband, Jonathan Elliot. These speculations arose when people noticed she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. However, it’s essential to clarify that the absence of a wedding ring doesn’t necessarily signify trouble in a marriage. In this case, the rumors are far from the truth. Kimberly Gill and Jonathan Elliot are very much together, leading a blissful married life. They often share delightful pictures of themselves on their official social media accounts, showcasing their love and happiness. They also have precious moments captured with their children.


Kimberly Gill’s Love Story

Kimberly Gill and Jonathan Elliot’s love story is one that many admire. The couple’s journey began with love, and it continues to flourish. Their strong bond and affection for each other are evident in the photos they share with their followers. It’s heartwarming to see a married couple so deeply in love and enjoying life together.



In conclusion, the rumors of Kimberly Gill’s divorce from Jonathan Elliot are unfounded. Despite her recent appearance without a wedding ring, their marriage is intact, and they are happily married. Kimberly Gill’s career achievements and personal life are both sources of inspiration for many. As the couple continues to share their joy on social media, it’s clear that their love story is as strong as ever.