Kimberly Gill Husband: Is American Tv Host Kimberly Gill Still Married?



 Kimberly Gill and Jonathan Elliot’s Marriage

In recent days, the names Kimberly Gill and Jonathan Elliot have been buzzing all over the internet. People are curious about their relationship status. Kimberly Gill, a renowned journalist at the Local 4 News team and a three-time Emmy Award winner, has been making headlines not only for her professional achievements but also for her personal life. Some speculations arose when she was spotted without her wedding ring, leading many to wonder if she and her husband Jonathan Elliot are still together. Let’s delve into the truth and uncover the current status of their marriage.


Kimberly Gill: The Accomplished Journalist

Kimberly Gill is a familiar face in the media industry, known for her exceptional journalism. Hailing from the United States, she has been a part of the Local 4 News team since November 2014. However, her journey into journalism was preceded by an unexpected career as a truck driver. She has also worked with news outlets in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, building a reputation as an Emmy Award-winning journalist. Her career path is diverse and inspiring, showcasing her determination and dedication.


Kimberly Gill’s Professional Success

Kimberly Gill’s remarkable career includes being a three-time Emmy Award winner. She currently serves as the lead TC news anchor for WDIV-TV, a position she assumed after the retirement of Carmen Harlan. Her accomplishments in the field of journalism have earned her recognition and respect. Before joining WDIV and the Local 4 News team, Kimberly worked for various other news organizations, solidifying her status as an accomplished journalist.


Addressing the Rumors: Is Kimberly Gill Still Married?

Recently, rumors have been circulating online, suggesting that Kimberly Gill and her husband, Jonathan Elliot, have divorced. These speculations gained momentum when Kimberly was seen without her wedding ring. However, it’s important to clarify that the absence of a wedding ring doesn’t necessarily indicate trouble in a marriage. Contrary to these rumors, Kimberly Gill and Jonathan Elliot are still happily married and living their lives together. They often share heartwarming pictures of themselves on their official social media accounts, including snapshots with their children.



In the midst of online chatter and speculations, it’s reassuring to know that Kimberly Gill and Jonathan Elliot’s marriage remains strong and harmonious. Kimberly’s illustrious career continues to shine, and her personal life is a testament to the power of enduring love. As they navigate the world of media and family, this couple stands as a symbol of commitment and togetherness, proving that a wedding ring is just a symbol, but true love is what truly matters.