Kimi Ni Todoke Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Where To Watch & More



Kimi ni Todoke, A Heartwarming Love Story

Kimi ni Todoke is a famous love story that started back in 2009. It captured the hearts of many people with its sweet and sometimes funny romance. The show ran until 2011, and now, after a long wait, it’s back for a third season. If you’ve been missing Sawako and Kazehaya’s adorable yet awkward love story, get ready for more.


The Unique Story of Kimi ni Todoke

The story revolves around Sawako Kuronuma, a high school girl who, unfortunately, looks a lot like Sadako, the ghost from the horror movie “The Ring.” Because of her appearance, her classmates avoid her, and nasty rumors surround her. Sawako, however, is a kind and socially awkward girl who just wants to make friends. But her reputation keeps holding her back, making it difficult for her to connect with others.

Everything changes when Kazehaya, the popular boy in school, starts talking to her. Thanks to him, she finally makes friends and gains the confidence to stand up for herself. Love begins to bloom between the two teenagers as they become closer.


Season 2 Brings More Challenges

Season 2 of Kimi ni Todoke brought some unforgettable moments. Sawako bravely confessed her feelings to Kazehaya, and luckily, he felt the same way about her. They started dating, but not everything was smooth sailing.

As news of their relationship spread, some girls who had previously bullied Sawako started saying mean things about her. They even confronted her, but Kurumi, another character, stood up for her. Later on, Sawako shared the news with Kurumi, letting her know that she and Kazehaya were officially dating.

In the last episode of Season 2, Ryu unexpectedly tells Chizuru that he likes her, surprising her. And after the credits roll, there’s an extra scene showing Kuronuma and Kazehaya on a date, where she gives him all the gifts she had been wanting to give him.


Season 3 is on the Horizon

While we haven’t seen a trailer for the third season of Kimi ni Todoke yet, a new visual has been released. This visual shows the close friendship and blossoming love between Sawako Kuronuma and Shota Kazehaya, the main characters. It also teases the excitement that awaits us in Season 3.


The Wait is Almost Over – Release Date

Yes, Kimi ni Todoke is finally coming back for a third season after a long 11-year wait. The good news is that the new season will be available for streaming worldwide on Netflix in 2024. Studio Production I.G., the same studio that worked on the first two seasons, will be animating this one too.


The Familiar Faces Return

Studio Production I.G. isn’t the only thing returning for Season 3. The lead voice actors, Mamiko Noto (Sawako) and Daisuke Namihara (Kazehaya), are also reprising their roles in the upcoming episodes. However, we’re still waiting for confirmation about the rest of the cast and crew.


Manga Lovers, Take Note

If you’re a fan of the Kimi ni Todoke manga, you’ll be happy to know that it’s already finished. The manga ran from December 13, 2005, to November 13, 2017, spanning 30 volumes with a total of 123 chapters. The main story is now complete.

The manga, which originally ran in Bessatsu Margaret magazine, started as a one-shot in 2005 and later became a full series. There’s also a sequel spinoff manga called “Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You: Soulmate,” which was serialized from 2018 to 2022.


What’s Covered in the Anime So Far

The first season of Kimi ni Todoke adapted chapters 1 to 27 of the manga, while the second season went up to chapter 43. So, if you’re planning to read the manga after watching the first two seasons, you can start from chapter 44 or 45.

In chapter 46, you’ll find Kazehaya and Kuronuma’s first date, and the two chapters before that offer a recap from Kazehaya’s perspective.


What to Expect in Season 3

Season 3 of Kimi ni Todoke will primarily adapt from volume 12 onwards of the manga. At this point in the story, Sawako and Shota are already a couple, and even Kurumi understands their relationship. They’ll be going on their first date, but there’s a catch: Sawako is worried that her parents don’t know about her relationship yet.



The return of Kimi ni Todoke for a third season is a dream come true for fans who have been eagerly waiting. With the same studio and lead voice actors returning, it promises to capture the hearts of viewers once again. Get ready for more heartwarming moments and adorable romance when it premieres on Netflix in 2024.