Lala Kent’s random shoulder tattoo links back to her hometown roots



During a heated exchange with Tom Sandoval about his involvement with Raquel Leviss, Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent revealed more than just her emotions. Fans couldn’t help but notice a tattoo on her shoulder bearing the numbers ‘801’. This left many wondering about its significance.


Decoding the 801

Lala Kent’s 801 tattoo holds a special meaning for her. It represents the area code of her hometown in Utah, specifically Salt Lake City. Speaking on the Unwaxed Podcast, she expressed the importance of reconnecting with her roots. She confessed to making impulsive decisions about her tattoos, admitting to feeling a bit overwhelmed after getting ‘801’ inked.


Utah Memories

Although Lala had reservations about the 801 tattoo, her connection to Utah runs deep. In 2020, she shared with Bravo Insider how close-knit the community was. She reminisced about driving around the neighborhood to spread Christmas cheer, highlighting the warmth and closeness of her hometown.


Lala’s Ink Collection

Beyond the ‘801’, Lala Kent’s body is adorned with other meaningful tattoos. On her right bicep, the word “mom” is proudly displayed. She also bears a lion head on her right arm and the word “dad” inside a heart on the back of her arm. While ‘Rand’ once graced her right bicep in honor of her ex-fiance Randall Emmett, she later transformed it into a playful ‘bRand new’.


Fan Reactions

Lala’s shoulder tattoo hasn’t gone unnoticed by the keen eyes of Pump Rules viewers. Many have been eager to understand its significance. Questions like “What does your 801 tattoo mean?” have flooded in. Some fans found the ink to be a bit unexpected, while others marveled at the array of tattoos Lala proudly wears. A particular fan even discovered a shared tattoo with the reality star.


The Lasting Curiosity

For quite some time, fans have been curious about the delicate tattoo on Lala’s left shoulder. Their curiosity is a testament to the personal stories that lie beneath the surface of ink. As Lala Kent continues to navigate the world of reality television, her tattoos serve as a visual tapestry of her life experiences.

In a world of glitz and glamour, Lala’s tattoos remind us of the real person behind the celebrity persona. Each mark etched into her skin tells a story, and the ‘801’ on her shoulder is just one chapter in the book of Lala Kent’s life.