Last Podcast On The Left: What Happened To Ben Kissel? Ben Kissel Controversy Explained



Ben Kissel, a beloved figure in the podcasting world, has recently made headlines with his decision to step away from ‘The Last Podcast on the Left.’ In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind his hiatus and the controversy surrounding it.


Ben Kissel’s Hiatus

Ben Kissel, known for his engaging discussions on true crime, horror, and the supernatural, has decided to take a hiatus from ‘The Last Podcast on the Left.’ His co-hosts confirmed this news during a recent Side Stories segment. While the official statement cites his break as a move to prioritize his mental health, there are unverified allegations circulating about his past behavior in a relationship.


Unverified Allegations

Speculation has arisen regarding Ben Kissel’s alleged involvement in an abusive relationship. Ben had a long-term relationship with Brooke Rodgers, and fans initially saw them as a harmonious couple. However, rumors began to circulate in 2022 about troubles in their relationship. Brooke made subtle hints on social media about her experience in an abusive relationship, without naming anyone specifically. Some inferred that she was referring to Ben, but many of his fans remained skeptical.


Support for Ben

Ben’s loyal fans expressed their support for him, leaving comments on Brooke’s posts and videos. However, Brooke requested that fans refrain from commenting without knowing the full truth of the situation.


The Connection Between Hiatus and Allegations

The situation escalated when Ben announced his hiatus from the podcast to focus on his mental health. Some believed this coincided with Brooke’s allegations, leading to speculation that his break was related to these issues.


The Current Situation

As of now, neither Ben Kissel nor Brooke Rodgers has publicly addressed the allegations or provided additional context. This has left fans and observers in a state of uncertainty, with unverified information and speculation dominating the narrative.



Ben Kissel’s decision to take a break from ‘The Last Podcast on the Left’ has sparked controversy due to unverified allegations related to his past relationship with Brooke Rodgers. While Ben’s fans have shown their support, the situation remains unclear, with no official statements addressing the allegations. We hope for a resolution that brings clarity to this complex issue.