Leicester City Helicopter Crash Video, AAIB release report into Leicester 2018 helicopter crash



Leicester City Helicopter Crash Video In a heart-wrenching incident that occurred near the King Power Stadium back in October 27, 2018, a helicopter crash took the life of Leicester City’s Thai Chairman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, along with two of his staff members. The tragic event left the world in shock, and now, after nearly six years, a shocking video of the crash has emerged, reigniting discussions about the incident. Alongside the video release, the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has unveiled its long-awaited report, shedding light on the details of this devastating accident.

The Leicester City Helicopter Crash Video The Leicester City helicopter crash video has brought back painful memories of that fateful day. In addition to the loss of Chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, the crash claimed the lives of two other individuals, Kaveporn Punpare, Nusara Sukanmai, Izabela Roza Lechowicz, and Eric Swaffer. In total, five precious lives were lost in this tragic helicopter crash.

For years, people have been seeking answers, trying to understand what caused this catastrophic event. The AAIB’s report is a significant step towards that understanding, and we are here to break down the key findings for you.

What AAIB Revealed About the Helicopter Crash According to the AAIB’s investigation, the helicopter crash was the result of multiple mechanical failures, primarily stemming from a seized tail rotor bearing. This mechanical issue made the tragedy nearly inevitable. The helicopter involved in the crash was a Leonardo AW169, and it made a sharp right turn before plummeting to the ground due to the failure of the tail rotor bearing.

One heroic figure in this ordeal was the pilot, Eric Swaffer, who did his best to control the helicopter amidst the chaos. In a harrowing recording, you can hear Swaffer expressing his confusion, saying, “I’ve no idea what’s going on.” Sadly, shortly after these words were spoken, the helicopter collided with a concrete step.

Initially, four passengers on board survived the crash, but the situation took a devastating turn when the fuel tank began to leak, leading to a catastrophic fire.

The AAIB’s Comprehensive Report After over five years of painstaking investigation, the AAIB has released a comprehensive 209-page report that delves into the details of the Leicester City helicopter crash. This report provides a thorough account of the mechanical failures, pilot efforts, and the tragic sequence of events that led to the loss of five lives on that fateful day.



The Leicester City helicopter crash video has resurfaced, reminding us of the profound tragedy that occurred in 2018. The AAIB’s report sheds light on the mechanical failures that played a significant role in this unfortunate event and highlights the valiant efforts of pilot Eric Swaffer to control the situation.