Lisa Urick Patterson Obituary And Death: What Happened To Lisa Urick Patterson?



In this article, we dive into the mysterious case of Lisa Urick Patterson’s obituary and the tragic events that unfolded around it. This story is both heart-wrenching and puzzling, so stick around as we unravel the facts surrounding this sad incident.


A Father’s Hope for a Better Future

Back in May 1997, there was a man named Gary, a draftsman from Texas and a devoted single father to a sweet 6-year-old girl named Crystal. Gary had a golden opportunity that could have secured a brighter future for both him and his daughter. He was offered a job overseeing a new project in El Paso, Texas. Gary’s fiancée, Michelle Wilson, was right there by his side, helping him pick out the perfect outfit for his interview – black pants, a white shirt, and cowboy boots.


The Disappearance

With hope in his heart, Gary headed to the Waco airport for his important interview, and that was the last time Michelle saw him. It was a distressing time for everyone involved. Crystal was in the care of Wilson and Patterson’s parents, but there was no word from Gary. Concerned for his well-being, the Patterson family decided to report Gary as missing. They were right to worry, given the job’s location – in the easternmost part of the Chihuahuan Desert, east of El Paso, near Juarez, Mexico. Juarez was known for its corruption, violence, and high crime rate, making it a worrisome place for anyone to disappear.


Lisa Urick Patterson’s Obituary

Lisa Urick Patterson’s obituary became a topic of great interest for many. The Patterson family was left with no choice but to share the heartbreaking news of their son’s disappearance. It was a difficult time for everyone involved.


The Investigation

The authorities took the disappearance seriously. Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon voiced concerns about Gary’s safety in Juarez, stating that it was a place known for its risks. Detective Steve January from the Waco Police Department shared similar worries, mentioning that Gary might have encountered robbers or even worse during his journey. The uncertainty was haunting. The investigators discovered that Gary had indeed taken a flight from Waco to El Paso, but then the trail went cold.

The Patterson family, with the help of the Mexican consulate, worked tirelessly to ensure Gary wasn’t held in a jail or prison south of the border. As they dug deeper, they unearthed a disturbing detail from Gary’s past. His divorce in 1992 had been marred by custody disputes. In 1994, his ex-wife, Lisa Urick Patterson, had abducted their child and remained unaccounted for about two years. Shockingly, when questioned, Lisa Urick Patterson had a solid alibi and wasn’t considered a significant person of interest.


Michelle Wilson’s Role

Investigators also looked into Gary’s fiancée, Michelle Wilson, to determine if she had any connection to his disappearance. However, she was quickly ruled out as a suspect. She had a strong alibi and genuinely cared for Gary.


A Grim Discovery

The investigation took an unexpected turn when a person named Young provided detectives with a map indicating a tragic encounter. Using this map, they were able to locate Gary Patterson’s remains. Dental records confirmed his identity. The medical examiner’s findings revealed a horrifying truth – Gary Patterson had been struck by a blunt instrument and had sand in his lungs and nasal cavities. Detective January stated, “Gary Patterson had been buried alive.” Detective Cawthon aptly described the situation as an act of sheer wickedness.


Justice Served

Initially, there were calls for the death penalty in this case. However, in September 1999, two individuals, Sam Urick and Theodore Young, confessed to the murder of Gary Patterson. Young was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his involvement in the crime but was released in 2018 after serving 17 years.



The story of Lisa Urick Patterson’s obituary and the tragedy surrounding Gary Patterson’s death is a somber reminder of the darkness that can lurk in unexpected places. It’s a tale of heartbreak, mystery, and ultimately, justice served. We hope this article sheds some light on the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event.