Love Guru Season 2 web series on ULLU: Review, Cast, Watch Online Details



ULLU, a prominent platform known for its bold and provocative content, has been making waves in the world of Indian entertainment. With the successful conclusion of Love Guru Season 1, fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 2. If you’re one of those excited fans, keep reading to find out more.


Love Guru Season 2: A Glimpse

Love Guru Season 2 is set to return with Rajsi Verma as the lead character. This season promises a blend of romance, drama, and fantasy, guaranteeing an engaging experience for viewers. The anticipation surrounding this release has taken the Ullu app to new heights of popularity, cementing its place as a top Indian OTT platform.


What Makes ULLU Stand Out

ULLU offers a unique proposition to its audience. When you subscribe to the platform, you gain access to two new series every week, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. With a carefully selected cast and high-quality content, ULLU has become a favorite among viewers.


Love Guru Season 2: What’s the Story?

The storyline of Love Guru Season 2 revolves around Rohan, who finds himself in a complex relationship. As the story unfolds, Rohan’s path crosses with his girlfriend’s mother, leading to unexpected developments. The narrative takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, with misunderstandings reaching extreme levels. To discover the twists and turns that lie ahead, you’ll need to watch the series to avoid spoilers.


Release Date and Time

The wait is finally over! Love Guru Season 2 is scheduled for release on February 21, 2023, exclusively on the Ullu app. Available on Android, Apple, Windows, and Mac devices, this season’s episodes will have a runtime of 15-30 minutes. Viewers can enjoy the series in multiple languages, including Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil.

While the exact release time is yet to be confirmed, fans can anticipate the episodes to drop on Tuesday afternoon. Fans are already gearing up to complete their tasks early, ensuring they have the evening free to indulge in the series. There’s speculation that two episodes might be released simultaneously, although this hasn’t been officially confirmed.


Meet the Cast

In Love Guru Season 2, Rajsi Verma takes on the role of the girlfriend’s mother. She shares intense scenes with a character named Rohan. Although the rest of the cast remains a mystery, Rajsi Verma’s glimpses from the upcoming season have set the internet abuzz.


How to Watch Love Guru Season 2

To catch all the action of Love Guru Season 2, you’ll need to head over to the Ullu app. This Indian-made OTT platform is gaining significant popularity. Simply download the app from Android’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store on your smartphone. However, please note that this series is not available for free; you’ll need to select a subscription plan that suits your budget.

If you prefer a larger screen, you can visit the Ullu website on your laptop or computer to subscribe and enjoy the series in high quality. For the ultimate viewing experience, consider connecting your smartphone or laptop to your smart TV.



With Love Guru Season 2 just around the corner, fans can’t contain their excitement. ULLU’s unique approach to content delivery, combined with an engaging storyline and talented cast, has made it a leading player in the OTT platform space. As viewers gear up for another thrilling season, the ULLU app continues to redefine the landscape of Indian entertainment. Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite celebrities and shows, as we bring you the latest content right here on our website.