Love Island Australia Season 4: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?



Love Island Australia Season 4 created quite a buzz when it aired from October 31, 2022, to December 20, 2022. Hosted by Sophie Monk and Stephen Mullan, the show featured singles in search of love, set in the picturesque Villa in Mallorca, Spain. With a cash prize of $50,000 on the line, the stakes were high. So, where are the contestants now, and which couples are still together? This article brings you all the juicy details from Love Island Season 4. Keep reading to find out more.


Love Island Australia Season 4: The Basics

Love Island Season 4 followed the classic format – a group of single men and women living together in a villa. Their mission? To couple up and find love. Each week, a couple with the least number of votes risked elimination. The season was packed with twists and fan-favorite challenges like Hideaway and Recoupling.


Meet the Winning Couple: Austen Bugeja and Claudia Bonifazio

Austen Bugeja and Claudia Bonifazio emerged as the victorious couple of Love Island Australia Season 4. Their chemistry was undeniable, and they captured the hearts of viewers. Even after the show ended, this dynamic duo is still going strong. Currently residing in Adelaide, they’re considering a move to Sydney in 2023. Keep an eye on their Instagram for updates, as they often share their journey together.


Callum Hole and Adeline Wilcox: Love Lost

While Callum Hole and Adeline Wilcox were coupled up during the show, their love story took a different turn once the cameras stopped rolling. They decided to part ways and pursue new relationships. Callum is now with Chloe Szepanowski, while Madeline has found love with Damian Garner.


Tina Provis and Maddy Gillbanks: Best Friends Forever

Tina Provis and Maddy Gillbanks have maintained a remarkable friendship. Despite not being romantically involved, they’ve chosen to continue their journey together in Sydney. Their bond remains strong, proving that Love Island can lead to lasting connections beyond romance.


Layla John and Vakoo Kauapirura: Going Separate Ways

Layla John and Vakoo Kauapirura, who garnered immense love from viewers during the show, eventually went their separate ways after the season concluded. Layla resides in Melbourne, where she’s pursuing a career as a model.


Andre Coutinho and Holly Oakes Ferguson: Post-Show Breakup

Sadly, not all love stories have a happy ending. Andre Coutinho and Holly Oakes Ferguson decided to part ways after Love Island Season 4 concluded. The details surrounding their breakup remain a mystery.



Love Island Australia Season 4 offered its fair share of drama, love, and heartbreak. While some couples like Austen Bugeja and Claudia Bonifazio continue to flourish, others have chosen separate paths. The world of reality TV always keeps us guessing, and the future is uncertain for these contestants. Stay tuned for more updates on their journeys, both individually and romantically. Love Island Season 4 might be over, but the contestants’ stories are far from finished.