Maldives Election 2023 Result: Who will become President of Maldives?



The picturesque paradise of the Maldives found itself in the midst of a political thriller on Saturday, September 9, 2023. As the results of the Maldives presidential election were eagerly awaited, a surprising twist unfolded. None of the candidates managed to secure the required majority of over 50% of the votes for an outright victory. With no clear winner in sight, the Maldives presidential election is now poised for a second round of intense competition between the top contenders.


The Top Contenders: Ibrahim Mohamed Solih vs. Mohamed Muiz

The Maldives presidential election 2023 presents two prominent figures vying for the nation’s leadership. In one corner stands the incumbent President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, while in the other, the opposition leader, Mohamed Muiz, poses a formidable challenge. This political showdown has garnered international attention, with India and China closely monitoring the race, both seeking to extend their influence in this Indian Ocean tourist haven.


Vote Percentage Revealed

The initial shockwave came when opposition candidate Mohamed Muizzu defied expectations by securing a lead of 7 percent over Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. As the ballots were meticulously counted, the results painted a clear picture. Mohamed Muizzu emerged with a total of 46 percent of the vote, while the incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih secured 39 percent of the ballots.

Here’s a breakdown of the candidates and their respective vote percentages:

  • Mohamed Muizzu (Progressive Party of Maldives): 46.06%
  • Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Maldivian Democratic Party): 39.09%
  • Ilyas Labeeb (The Democrats): 7.04%
  • Umar Naseer (Independent): 2.89%
  • Qasim Ibrahim (Jumhooree Party): 2.52%
  • Ahmed Faris Maumoon (Independent): 1.37%
  • Mohamed Nazim (Maldives National Party): 0.86%
  • Hassan Zameel (Independent): 0.16%

With none of the candidates crossing the threshold for an outright win, the Maldives presidential election now advances to the second round.


A Pivotal Election: Implications and Expectations

Mohamed Muizzu, the Mayor of the capital city Male, brought a unique promise to his campaign by advocating for a reduction in India’s military presence in the Maldives. His pledge included the expulsion of a small unit of Indian military personnel stationed in the archipelago. Worth noting is Muizzu’s affiliation with the Progressive Party of the Maldives, which had fostered closer ties with Beijing during its reign from 2013 to 2018, securing substantial loans for infrastructure development through Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative.


The Road Ahead: A Glimpse into History

In 2018, the Maldives witnessed Ibrahim Solih’s victory in the presidential election, marked by widespread public outcry against corruption under the PPM regime. Solih’s tenure saw a recalibration of the Maldives’ foreign policy, bringing the nation firmly back into India’s sphere of influence. Significantly, the incumbent President championed an India-first policy, securing vital funds from India to bolster the nation’s infrastructure, including critical projects in the capital, Male.

As the dust settles from the initial round of the Maldives presidential election, the stage is set for a high-stakes showdown on September 30, 2023. The results suggest that Solih may face a formidable challenge in the upcoming second round against Muizzu. Stay tuned to this platform for the latest updates and in-depth coverage of this pivotal election in paradise.