Manipur crisis: 23 MLAs signed regulations to protect the territorial integrity of the State



In Manipur, a significant development has occurred that has caught the attention of many. It involves 23 MLAs from the ruling BJP-led government in the state coming together to protect Manipur’s territorial integrity. This news is spreading quickly on the internet, leaving people with many questions. In this article, we will provide you with all the essential information about this unfolding situation.


The Current Situation

At present, Manipur faces a crisis that demands immediate attention. Twenty-three MLAs, who are part of the ruling party in the state, have signed a resolution. This resolution signifies their commitment to safeguarding Manipur’s territorial integrity. These MLAs have also made it clear that they plan to visit Delhi soon to urge the Central leadership to find a solution to the ongoing crisis. This development has stirred curiosity among the public, and people are eager to know more.


Notable Absence

It’s essential to note that Chief Minister N Biren Singh was not among the MLAs who signed this resolution. The signatories came to this decision after a meeting with the Youth of Manipur, a newly formed civil society organization. This meeting took place at the Chief Minister’s secretariat on Monday night. During the meeting, it was revealed that the Kuki Zo community had requested separate administration, a request that was not granted. This information has piqued the interest of many, prompting them to search for more details, which we will provide in the following sections.


Youth of Manipur’s Request

A significant number of Youth of Manipur members gathered at the Chief Minister’s residence in an attempt to meet him. However, due to security reasons, only a select few were allowed access. During their meeting with the Chief Minister, members of Youth of Manipur urged him to take legal action against the 10 Kuki MLAs who had advocated for a separate administration for their community in Manipur.


What Lies Ahead

This situation is fluid, and developments are occurring rapidly. We have used various sources to compile this article and provide you with the most up-to-date information. Rest assured, if any further details emerge, we will be the first to share them with you on this platform. Stay tuned for more updates on this unfolding Manipur crisis.



The situation in Manipur is a matter of concern and has captured the interest of the public. With 23 MLAs pledging to protect the state’s territorial integrity and the Youth of Manipur advocating for their community’s rights, the state faces important challenges ahead. We will continue to monitor this situation and keep you informed of any new developments. Your source for the latest updates on the Manipur crisis is right here.