Marcia Curtis Missing: Where Is Ceaser Curtis Who Staged Ex-Wife?



Ceaser Curtis, the man who showed concern for his ex-wife Marcia Curtis on social media, is now facing accusations of being involved in her disappearance. Marcia Curtis, aged 46, was last seen on September 1. She went missing after leaving her job at FCC, a clutch manufacturer based in Portland, Indiana. Tragically, her lifeless body was discovered on the same day near an abandoned mobile home. Following this discovery, Ceaser Curtis, 50, was taken into custody.


Ceaser Curtis’ Concern on Social Media

In the days leading up to Marcia’s disappearance, Ceaser Curtis took to Facebook, sharing pictures of her and urging his friends to contact the police if they had any information about her whereabouts. On September 9, he posted a heartfelt message along with images of Marcia, pleading for any leads about her. He emphasized that she was last seen in her blue and white FCC uniform. He expressed deep concern for her well-being and asked for assistance from the community.

 Brittney Ratliff’s Heartfelt Plea

Brittney Ratliff, Marcia Curtis’ daughter, also shared her distress on social media. In a poignant message, she expressed her hope that her mother’s disappearance was just a bad dream. Sadly, it was her reality. Marcia had been absent from their lives since September 1, leaving a void that was deeply felt by her loved ones. Brittney implored anyone with information to come forward and help bring her mother home.


Troubling Posts and Allegations

In the midst of this heartbreaking situation, disturbing posts from Ceaser Curtis’ social media accounts have come to light. Some of these messages hinted at strained relationships and issues of trust. It is suggested that Marcia Curtis may have been involved in an extramarital affair, adding a layer of complexity to this already tragic story. One of the posts emphasized the importance of not allowing disrespect from others.


Community Call to Action

As the investigation into Marcia Curtis’ disappearance continues, the community rallies together in the hopes of finding answers. Anyone with any information, no matter how small, is urged to come forward and assist the authorities in their search for Marcia. Every piece of information, no matter how seemingly insignificant, could be a crucial puzzle piece in unraveling the mystery surrounding her disappearance.


 A Heartfelt Plea for Justice

In the midst of this painful ordeal, the family and friends of Marcia Curtis remain steadfast in their pursuit of justice. They yearn for closure and answers to the questions that have been haunting them since September 1. The community stands united in their support for Marcia’s loved ones, offering comfort, strength, and hope in this difficult time.