MasterChef Season 11 Winner Controversy Explained



MasterChef Legends Season 11, also known as MasterChef Legends, started in June 2021 with only fifteen contestants, which is quite low compared to past seasons. Gordon Ramsay, one of the show’s judges, said that having fewer contestants would help them focus on the best, cutting out the unnecessary.


A Slow and Challenging Season

The season faced its fair share of problems. The ongoing pandemic meant no exciting outside challenges, which fans missed. Moreover, some viewers felt the show’s pace was too slow, making them impatient. To make matters worse, some believed that the judges were too lenient with the contestants.


The Controversial Finale

However, the real controversy boiled over during the finale of MasterChef Season 11. Kelsey Murphy was crowned the winner, but not everyone was pleased with this decision. Autumn Morretti and Suu Khin, the other finalists, had their supporters, and they believed the judges’ choice was biased.


Understanding the Season 11 Controversy

Many fans found Season 11 to be controversial because of the way the winner was chosen. Kelsey emerged as the winner, but some felt this wasn’t fair to Autumn. Throughout the season, Autumn consistently delivered impressive dishes and never found herself in the bottom three.

In the final challenge, the contestants had to create a three-course menu worthy of the grand prize. Autumn chose to incorporate Japanese influences in all her courses, while Suu showcased Burmese-style delicacies. On the other hand, Kelsey’s approach was different, focusing on various cooking techniques and classic dishes.

Additionally, the finalists had a surprise canape challenge. Kelsey’s canape was criticized for being too salty, and Curtis thought the brioche could be crisper. Suu’s creation had a delightful fragrance and a rich taste. However, Autumn’s canape, named “Loyal,” received the highest praise, with Joe stating that she nailed it.

The judges’ verdict was that Autumn had the best canape, Kelsey excelled in the appetizer, and Suu presented the best entrée. Ultimately, Kelsey was declared the winner, which left many fans disappointed. The judges had previously encouraged contestants to take risks and not play it safe in the competition. Kelsey, however, stuck to classic dishes, including French and Italian cooking techniques, and executed them flawlessly.


The Biased Perception

Fans believed the final decision was biased because Kelsey tailored her dishes to what the judges liked, while Suu and Autumn showcased innovative dishes with international influences. Nonetheless, the judges based their decision on taste, and it was they who sampled the dishes.

Autumn had consistently delivered strong performances and confident dishes throughout the competition. Suu also pushed boundaries with her creativity. However, the judges were won over by Kelsey’s flawless execution of classic dishes.


Closing Thoughts

Despite the controversy, MasterChef Season 11 will be remembered for its intense competition and talented chefs. Everyone has their favorite chef, and it’s only natural for fans to support them passionately. So, who do you support, and why do you think they deserved the MasterChef title? Let us know in the comments below. After all, it’s the viewers’ passion that keeps the MasterChef legacy alive.