McGhee Tyson Airport Parking Garage: No Threat Found



Big Plans for Parking Garage

The latest buzz around McGhee Tyson Airport reveals exciting news. The airport’s board has given the green light for a massive $2.2 million project to expand the parking garage. This decision came during a Metropolitan Knoxville Airport board meeting held on September 21. In this meeting, commissioners made a promise to grant a $2.2 million contract to a local civil engineering company based in Knoxville. This marks the beginning of the parking garage expansion project, which is expected to address the growing need for more parking space at McGhee Tyson Airport.


Funding and Development

The good news is that this expansion project won’t burden taxpayers. The $2.2 million investment is set to be funded by a grant from the Tennessee Department of Transportation. This is a significant milestone for the airport, as it is the first step in their ambitious plan to enhance parking facilities. During the meeting, commissioners also discussed approving a work agreement with Gresham Smith, an engineering firm responsible for the initial phase of the project. They have been tasked with completing 30% of the design documents.


Airport Officials Take the Lead

Bryan White, the Vice President of Engineering and Planning, is enthusiastic about the progress. He revealed that the airport authority is on track to award the 30% design phase for the garage expansion. This phase involves laying out the essential features and creating a timeline for the project’s completion. Gresham Smith will play a pivotal role in working on the project’s functional design and other vital elements. The board unanimously approved the resolution, signaling their commitment to the project’s success. This parking garage expansion is just one of several active construction projects currently overseen by the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority (MKAA).


Reflecting on Recent Events

During the board meeting, members took a moment to reflect on the recent Smoky Mountain Air Show held at the McGhee Tyson Air National Guard between September 10 and 11. Brian Simmons, the chairman, praised the airport staff for their excellent planning and execution during the event. He acknowledged that they managed the unexpected heavy traffic brilliantly. The event was a great success, and the board expressed gratitude to the dedicated staff who made it possible.


Ongoing Work and Future Plans

Patrick Wilson, another member, mentioned that the staff is still wrapping up tasks related to the air show. Additionally, the board approved requests for temporary construction along Louisville Proffitt Spring Roads and an additional control system. These measures are part of the ongoing efforts to improve airport facilities and services.



The future looks bright for McGhee Tyson Airport with the parking garage expansion project underway. Thanks to the Tennessee Department of Transportation grant, this development won’t put additional strain on taxpayers. The airport continues to grow and enhance its services, making travel more convenient for everyone. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey of progress at McGhee Tyson Airport!