Meet Drag Race star Jinkx Monsoon’s husband who they wed in living room



Jinkx Monsoon, the sensational drag queen, graces the stage of Drag Race All Stars. Yet, away from the spotlight, there’s a heartwarming story to be told about their marriage to Michael Abbott. In 2021, this dynamic duo exchanged vows in the comfort of their living room, a moment that radiated pure love.


The Enchanting Man Behind the Scenes

Meet Michael Abbott, the man who holds Jinkx’s heart. Hailing from Manchester, he’s not only an audio producer but also a performer, mirroring the vibrance of his Drag Race star spouse. Despite their shared abode in Portland, Oregon, Michael frequently journeys back to his homeland. His resume boasts contributions to notable projects like The Voice, Grammy Awards, SAG Awards, and more. A true musician at heart, this 25-year-old is also a singer-songwriter.

In the challenging times of 2020, Jinkx and Michael faced a significant hurdle – a travel ban that kept them apart for over eight months. Yet, their bond remained unbreakable, proving that love knows no bounds. In January 2021, amidst lockdown’s embrace, their home transformed into a sanctuary of love. Fairy lights adorned the room, bearing witness to an intimate ceremony. Both donned suits, sealing their union with a heartfelt kiss. Comedian Deven Green, a dear friend, officiated their marriage, ensuring it was nothing short of perfect.


A Journey That Began in a Manchester Club

Their story began in March 2019, in the vibrant heart of Manchester, England. Fate led Jinkx to Kiki, a local club, where Michael tended bar. A twist of destiny left Jinkx stood up by a fellow drag queen. Undeterred, they embarked on their night out solo. As conversations flowed, it became evident that Michael was unfamiliar with Drag Race or the iconic Jinkx Monsoon. The night took an unexpected turn as melodies danced from Michael’s ukulele, weaving their hearts together.

With Jinkx’s U.K. tour drawing to a close in a mere two weeks, uncertainty lingered in the air. Could their connection withstand the trials of distance? The answer was a resounding yes. Determined to defy the odds, they embraced a long-distance relationship that would script their own unique love story.


Conclusion: A Tale of Love, Laughter, and Endurance

Jinkx Monsoon and Michael Abbott’s journey is a testament to the power of love that transcends borders and defies expectations. From chance encounters to heartfelt serenades, theirs is a story etched in the stars. As they continue to light up each other’s lives, their tale stands as an inspiration to all who believe in the enduring magic of true love.