Meet Growing Up Hip Hop star Sakoya Wynter and her baby daddy



In episode 11 of season 6 of Growing Up Hip Hop, a fresh presence graced the screen. Sakoya Wynter, daughter of renowned R&B musician Jojo Hailey, stepped into the limelight. But who is she, and who’s the father of her child? Let’s delve into this intriguing tale.


Sakoya Wynter: The Songbird in the Spotlight

Sakoya Wynter is not just another face in the crowd. She’s a talented singer-songwriter with two albums on Spotify and a brand-new single, “Cash Out,” in 2023. Under the wing of her family’s record label, JT Entertainment, led by Jojo Hailey, Sakoya’s music career has soared. While her musical journey began at a young age, in recent years, she took a determined stride toward her true calling.

Sakoya wears her art on her sleeve, quite literally. Her right arm bears a tattoo that spells out “The Coldest,” a nod to her first album’s title. This inked testament is a badge of her dedication to her craft.


A Glimpse into Sakoya’s Tastes and Passions

Music courses through Sakoya’s veins, with R&B and hip-hop being her forte. She draws inspiration from artists like Summer Walker, Kanye West, Drake, and Lil’ Baby. Beyond music, Sakoya’s affinity for luxury is evident in her Instagram posts, where she effortlessly poses beside high-end cars and dons designer labels.

The man behind Sakoya’s musical journey is none other than her accomplished father, Jojo Hailey. A Grammy-nominated multi-platinum recording artist, Jojo is a vital part of the iconic R&B duo, K-Ci & JoJo. With hits like “All My Life,” the duo has left an indelible mark on the music industry.


Jojo Hailey: Triumph Over Adversity

From Monroe, North Carolina, Jojo’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Battling health issues and alcoholism, he emerged stronger and now continues to leave his mark on the music scene. Alongside his wife, Tashaunda Lady T Hailey, Jojo established JT Entertainment, fostering a platform for budding artists, including his daughters Sakoya and Tiny Hailey.

Sakoya’s son, Legend Truth Jennings, entered the world on September 24, 2010, a testament to a fleeting romance with former NBA player Brandon Jennings. Standing at 6 feet tall and boasting a net worth of $16 million, Brandon transitioned into entrepreneurship, launching the clothing brand Tuff Crowd. Despite their public personas, Sakoya and Brandon have chosen to keep their child away from the prying eyes of social media.


Conclusion: Unveiling Legends in Their Own Right

In the midst of fame and fortune, Sakoya Wynter and her family navigate the complexities of stardom and family ties. Each chapter, marked by music and resilience, is a testament to the indomitable spirit that propels them forward. As they continue their journeys, they inspire not only with their talents but also with their unwavering bonds.