Meet James Gooch: The Bidding Room star’s antiques were used in Game of Thrones!



BBC has introduced a captivating daytime show called The Bidding Room, airing every weekday at 3:45 pm. The series follows a group of adept dealers and antique experts, showcasing the sale of public-owned treasures. Among these experts, James Gooch stands out as a star with an extraordinary clientele, including some major television productions.


James Gooch’s Antique Odyssey

James Gooch, a 37-year-old antique connoisseur, initially ventured into the realm of television. However, his passion for antiques led him to transition from the world of screens to the world of timeless treasures. He embarked on this journey while working at LoveFilm, now known as Amazon Prime. After bidding adieu to the digital realm, he immersed himself in antique shops, gradually ascending to the pinnacle of opening his establishment.

Today, nestled in Bedfordshire, James resides with his family, steering his vintage emporium named Doe & Hope. For a glimpse into his world, you can follow him on Instagram @doeandhope.


From Doe & Hope to Hollywood: James Gooch’s Antique Stardom

Doe & Hope, under James Gooch’s stewardship, has emerged as a triumph. The establishment boasts a thriving online emporium and a gallery house. Remarkably, James’s antique marvels frequently grace the sets of esteemed cinematic and television productions, including the iconic Game of Thrones. Such illustrious patronage indeed speaks volumes about James’s unparalleled knack for antiques.


A Love Affair with Antiques: James’s Distinctive Taste

James’s heart beats for Victorian and early 20th-century artifacts, yet his discerning eye is captivated by anything uniquely remarkable. In a candid conversation with the BBC, he shared an endearing story about a cherished acquisition – a white marble angel with roots in an ancient graveyard. Unlike many, James prefers his treasures unaltered, believing that restoration erases the rich tapestry of an object’s history.


The Gooch Residence: A Living Antique Haven

Nestled within a Grade II listed edifice in Bedfordshire, the Gooch family’s abode is a living testament to James’s profound affinity for antiques. Dating back to the 1660s, the residence itself exudes historical charm. Acquired in 2011, it stands as a canvas for James’s cherished finds, transforming the home into a veritable museum.


James and Jade: A Creative Pairing

James Gooch’s life is colored by the presence of his beloved wife, Jade, a talented videographer. Together, they form a dynamic duo. The couple’s journey began in the realm of Celebrity Big Brother, although the exact moment of their serendipitous encounter remains shrouded in mystery. By 2009, they had set roots in the picturesque town of Saffron Walden, solidifying their shared path in life.


Conclusion: James Gooch – Where History Meets Home

James Gooch’s journey from screens to antiquities, from LoveFilm to Doe & Hope, is a testament to the enduring allure of timeless treasures. His discerning eye and passion for authenticity infuse life into every piece he acquires. The Gooch residence, steeped in history, is a living testament to his profound love for antiques. Together with his wife Jade, they form a creative partnership that beautifully complements their shared love for the art of storytelling through visuals.