Meet Love and Hip Hop Miami star Florence El Luche’s sister Gaelle



Florence El Luche, known for her role in Love and Hip Hop: Miami, offers viewers a glimpse into her life, which revolves around family, music, and the vibrant Miami scene. One key figure in her journey is her sister Gaelle. Let’s dive into the dynamic between these two sisters.


Love and Hip Hop Miami: A Peek into Florence’s World

The Miami-based reality show delves into the lives of individuals striving for success in the music industry, all while navigating the intricate tapestry of family and personal relationships. For Florence, family is at the heart of it all, and her sister Gaelle plays a significant role.


Meet Gaelle Jacques: A Supporting Sister

Gaelle Jacques, fondly known as “Gayo,” calls Miami, Florida home. Originally hailing from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, she shares a close bond with her famous sister Florence. While they may not always see eye-to-eye, Gaelle is a consistent source of support for Florence, both on and off the screen.


From Childhood to Stardom: Gaelle’s Journey

Growing up under the same roof as Florence, Gaelle has been a part of her sister’s journey from the very beginning. Since November 2021, she’s made occasional appearances on Love and Hip Hop: Miami, offering viewers a deeper insight into their relationship. Just like Florence, Gaelle is a mother, cherishing family above all else.


Gaelle’s Culinary Venture: Gayous Restaurant

In 2018, Gaelle celebrated her graduation, but her entrepreneurial spirit had already taken flight three years prior. She proudly owns and operates Gayous Restaurant, a Haitian culinary gem nestled in Miami. Located at 5734 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, Florida, 33127, it has garnered a stellar reputation, boasting a 4.3-star rating on Facebook.


A Tribute to Love: Remembering Gaelle’s Late Husband

Gaelle’s journey has seen its share of ups and downs, including the loss of her husband, a painful chapter she shared on her Instagram in 2012. In a heartfelt tribute, she vowed to forever cherish his memory, a sentiment echoed by loved ones. Gaelle is a mother and a pillar of strength for her older son Mike, a 2017 graduate now navigating his early twenties.


Florence’s Family Portrait: A Closer Look

Within the tapestry of Florence’s family, there’s Joyce, her sister alongside Gaelle, who stands as a pillar of support in Florence’s journey. Viewers were recently introduced to Florence’s mother, Marie, during a poignant family meeting showcased on Love and Hip Hop. Rooted in Haitian heritage, Florence, her family, and her sons create a loving home in the heart of Miami.


Conclusion: Love, Support, and Family Bonds

Florence El Luche’s world is shaped by the love of her family, and at the center of this constellation is her cherished sister Gaelle. Their journey, peppered with highs and lows, paints a portrait of unwavering support and enduring familial bonds. Through their shared experiences, they exemplify the strength that comes from leaning on one another in the dynamic landscape of life.