MHA How Old Is Toga Other Fan Questions Answered


Himiko Toga, the enigmatic villain from My Hero Academia, has long intrigued fans with her peculiarities and mysteries. One burning question that has persisted is her age, but there’s much more to Toga’s character than meets the eye. In this article, we’ll delve into her backstory, obsessions, and much more, all explained in simple terms.

Toga first graced our screens in episode 31 of My Hero Academia’s third season, making a dynamic entrance alongside Twice. In the manga, her debut happened in chapter 57, where Kohei Horikoshi introduced her to The League of Villains. Born into the Toga family, she immediately stood out due to her intense fascination with blood. As she grew older, her peculiar personality became a source of concern for her family, leading to a tragic backstory.


Toga’s Unique Ability:

Toga possesses a quirk called “Transform,” allowing her to change her appearance by consuming the blood of her adversaries. While this transformation only lasts a few days, it proves quite useful in battles. Toga equips herself with a backpack, knives, and an assortment of items for drawing blood, all of which are essential in combat.


How Old is Toga?

Contrary to common belief, Toga isn’t as young as some might think. She’s actually older than Izuku Midoriya and even Tomura Shigaraki. According to information gleaned from My Hero Academia manga pages, Toga is approximately 17 years old, just a few months older than Midoriya.


Toga’s Birthday:

Toga’s birthday falls on August 7th, and her height stands at 157 cm. This intriguing information was revealed in an omake from volume 24 of Kohei’s My Hero Academia manga, cementing its authenticity.


Toga’s Yandere Nature:

Toga’s character is defined by her yandere tendencies. Her obsession with people and objects, especially during fights, makes her a true yandere. This complex behavior has endeared her to fans, leaving them hungry for more insights into her character.


Toga and Twice’s Relationship:

Both Toga and Twice made their debut in season 3 as part of The League of Villains’ Vanguard Action Squad. Their camaraderie and teamwork are evident in their partnership, even when facing formidable adversaries. Their shared experiences in a world that mistreated them fostered a deep bond, and Twice even humorously asked Toga to become his wife, hinting at a potential romance that fans are excited about.


Toga’s New Crush:

After her interactions with Twice, Stainy, and Deku, Toga has found a new love interest in the MHA anime. In a recent chapter of My Hero Academia, she confesses her affection for both Izuku and Ochaco Uraraka, setting the stage for potential drama and surprises.


The Fate of Twice:

My Hero Academia recently delivered a devastating blow to fans by killing off one of its beloved characters, Twice. Hawks, the number 2 hero, was responsible for this tragic event, seeing Twice as a significant threat to the Paranormal Liberation Front. While Twice’s death appears final, there’s a glimmer of hope that he might escape it through his unique abilities, leaving fans in suspense.


Is Toga a Minor?

Although Toga sometimes behaves childishly, she is not as young as she appears. She’s a teenager, roughly the same age as Izuku and his classmates. Her youthful exuberance and occasional tantrums might mislead, but she’s not as young as she seems.


Toga’s Schooling:

Toga is not enrolled in any school, but she once cunningly disguised herself to infiltrate Shiketsu High School. Her mission involved impersonating Camie Utsushimi and stealing her blood, all part of her elaborate schemes.


Is Toga Dead?

No, Toga is still very much alive, despite appearances that suggested otherwise in the final chapter. My Hero Academia fans can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that their favorite villain still has a role to play in the unfolding story.

Toga’s Obsession with Deku:

Toga’s fixation on Izuku Midoriya is undeniable. Her obsession with him, while complex, is a central aspect of her character. To fully grasp the extent of her feelings and her journey, it’s recommended to watch the anime or read the manga.

Toga’s First Crush:

In a glimpse into Toga’s past, we see a figure she once had a crush on. It’s an intriguing detail that suggests her adoration for Izuku might be linked to this earlier encounter. The mystery surrounding this individual’s current status adds an element of suspense to Toga’s story.

Toga’s Villain Name:

Unlike many other villains who adopt menacing aliases, Toga goes by her real name, Himiko Toga. Her distinct persona doesn’t necessitate a villainous moniker, setting her apart from other antagonists in My Hero Academia.

Toga’s Love Interest:

Toga’s affectionate feelings for Ochaco Uraraka were revealed, providing fans with an unexpected twist. This revelation has sparked anticipation among fans eager to see how this newfound romance will develop.

Toga’s Mental State:

Toga’s character might suggest a borderline personality disorder due to her bloodlust and extreme behavior. Her desire to become someone loved and accepted adds complexity to her portrayal.

Is Toga a Psychopath?

While Toga’s actions may seem insane, she doesn’t fit the profile of a psychopath. Her genuine emotions and moments of compassion distinguish her character from a typical psychopath.

Did Toga Cry for Twice?

Toga did not shed tears when Twice met his unfortunate demise. Chapter 266 of the series marked the end of Twice’s journey, leaving Toga shocked and grieving.

Toga’s Bloodlust and Obsession:

Toga’s obsession with blood is rooted in her love for individuals she admires. When in love, she consumes the blood of those she desires, a peculiar expression of her affections.

In conclusion, Himiko Toga remains one of My Hero Academia’s most intriguing characters, with her age being just one piece of a larger puzzle. Her complex personality, obsessions, and relationships continue to captivate fans as the series unfolds, promising more surprises and revelations in the future.