Missing: Is Tiffany Foster Found Yet? Newnan Update 2023



In a world filled with people who extend helping hands to others, there lies a family in Newnan, Georgia, yearning for the return of their beloved Tiffany Foster. For the past two years, Tiffany’s disappearance has cast a shadow of worry over her family and the local police. A mother, a daughter, and a friend, Tiffany’s absence has left an irreplaceable void. In this heart-wrenching tale, we delve into the story of Tiffany Foster’s vanishing, the pain her family endures, and the ongoing search for answers.


Tiffany Foster: A Mother’s Desperate Hope

In the heart of Newnan, Georgia, a mother named Katrina Hill holds onto hope like a lifeline. Tiffany Foster, her daughter, has been missing since March 2021, and each passing day deepens the sadness and uncertainty in their lives. Tiffany had a special place in her heart for creating boxes filled with her favorite candies, a cherished tradition that now lies dormant. The void left by her absence is indescribable, and tears flow freely, especially during the holidays.


Is Tiffany Foster Found Yet? The Heart-Wrenching Search

The Foster family’s anguish and longing for Tiffany’s return are immeasurable. Katrina Hill, Tiffany’s mother, cannot help but wonder about her daughter’s whereabouts and what might have befallen her. Tiffany was last seen leaving her apartment, destined for a routine trip to the store, but she never returned home. Her absence extended beyond her home; she missed her classes and even a scheduled flight. The mystery deepened when Tiffany’s car was discovered, abandoned, 30 miles away from her residence. March 1, 2021, marked the fateful day when the 35-year-old Tiffany Foster went missing in Newnan, Georgia.


A Life Interrupted: Tiffany’s Ambitions and Dreams

Tiffany Foster was not just a missing person; she was a woman with aspirations and dreams. She worked diligently as a security guard at Hello Fresh and pursued her education in criminal justice at Georgia Military College. Tiffany’s goal was to serve in law enforcement, a testament to her commitment to making the world a safer place. Reginald Robertson, her fiance, reported her disappearance when Tiffany failed to attend both her classes and work.


The Mysterious Abandonment of Tiffany’s Car

As the investigation unfolded, Tiffany’s car emerged as a vital clue in her disappearance. Found abandoned in College Park, a significant distance from her home, the car contained her personal belongings but notably lacked her cell phone. The absence of her phone compounded the mystery, making it even more challenging to trace her whereabouts. The community was left puzzled, and Tiffany’s family clung to the hope of her safe return.


The Elusive Search for Tiffany and the Arrest of Reginald Robertson

Despite intensive efforts to locate Tiffany Foster, the Newnan police found themselves facing a formidable challenge. Her cell phone, a potential lifeline in the search, last pinged north of Amlajack Boulevard in White Oak, Georgia. This breadcrumb of information led to an arrest: Reginald Robertson, Tiffany’s fiance, found himself in police custody. Charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault weighed heavily against him, and he currently remains incarcerated without bond in the Coweta County Jail. Yet, despite the arrest, Tiffany’s whereabouts remained a mystery.


The Family’s Unyielding Faith and a Reward for Answers

As days turned into months and months into years, Tiffany Foster’s family clung to their unwavering faith. They continue to pray for her safety and dream of the day they will be reunited. The emotional toll on the family is immeasurable, yet their hope remains unshaken. To aid in the search for Tiffany, a reward of $35,000 is offered for information that leads to the apprehension of those responsible for her disappearance. An additional reward of $60,000 is available for any details that guide her safe return.



Tiffany Foster’s story is one of heartache, resilience, and an unyielding hope for her safe return. As the search continues, the community stands together, united in their quest for answers. Tiffany’s dreams, her laughter, and her presence are dearly missed, and the mystery surrounding her disappearance casts a somber shadow. But in the hearts of her family and friends, the flame of hope still burns, and they remain steadfast in their belief that Tiffany will one day come back to them.