Monopoly Go: Scottie’s Spa Event – Rewards, Milestones, How To Win & How To Get Them All?



Monopoly Go, the first-ever mobile version of the famous board game, has been creating quite a buzz. The latest update, Monopoly Go: Scottie’s Spa Event, which started on September 11, 2023, has everyone talking. This exciting event promises some fantastic rewards for players who can complete all the milestones.


What Is Scottie’s Spa Event?

Scottie’s Spa Event in Monopoly Go is a special event that lets you step into Scottie’s world and earn rewards based on the milestones you reach. In addition, the new Epic Myths season allows you to collect stickers, Bones, and offer them to Mr. Monopoly’s friend for even more rewards.


All Rewards and How to Earn Them

Here’s a breakdown of the rewards you can earn and what it takes to get them:


  1. Reach 25 points to get 60 Cookies.
  2. Hit 20 points for a Green Sticker Pack.
  3. Score 40 points to claim 20 dice rolls.
  4. Achieve 45 points for 100 Cookies.
  5. Go big with 150 points and earn 75 dice rolls.
  6. Reach 40 points for some cash rewards.
  7. At 50 points, you’ll get 120 dice rolls.
  8. Achieve 55 points to receive another Green Sticker Pack.
  9. Hit 65 points and enjoy a 10 Minutes Cash Grab.
  10. Score a whopping 375 points for 200 dice rolls.
  11. Reach 60 points to claim 150 Cookies.
  12. Hit 75 points for more cash rewards.
  13. Achieve 90 points to get another Green Sticker Pack.
  14. Reach 80 points to receive 180 Cookies.
  15. At 100 points, you’ll earn 200 Cookies.
  16. Score 850 points for a staggering 450 dice rolls.
  17. Hit 100 points again for another 200 Cookies.
  18. Achieve 110 points to unlock an Orange Sticker Pack.
  19. Reach 120 points and enjoy a 5 Minutes Cash Boost.
  20. Hit 115 points to grab 260 Cookies.
  21. Score a massive 1300 points to receive 700 dice rolls.
  22. Reach 150 points to claim a Pink Sticker Pack.
  23. Hit 160 points for more cash rewards.
  24. Achieve 175 points to get 280 Cookies.
  25. At 200 points, you’ll earn more cash rewards.
  26. Score a whopping 2000 points for 950 dice rolls.
  27. Hit 275 points to enjoy a 10 Minutes High Roller.
  28. Achieve 300 points for another Orange Sticker Pack.
  29. Reach 325 points and claim 320 Cookies.
  30. Score 400 points for 100 dice rolls.
  31. At 1500 points, you’ll earn cash rewards.
  32. Achieve 450 points to get 120 dice rolls.
  33. Reach 500 points to receive 350 Cookies.
  34. Hit 650 points to unlock a Blue Sticker Pack.
  35. Score 750 points for more cash rewards.
  36. Go big with 5000 points to claim 2000 dice rolls.
  37. Reach 800 points to earn 360 Cookies.
  38. Achieve 900 points and enjoy a 25 Minutes Rent Frenzy.
  39. Hit 1000 points to unlock another Blue Sticker Pack.
  40. At 1500 points, you’ll earn more cash rewards.
  41. Score a whopping 10000 points for 3800 dice rolls.
  42. Achieve 1600 points for a 20 Minutes High Roller.
  43. Hit 1750 points for even more cash rewards.
  44. Reach 1900 points to claim a Purple Sticker Pack.
  45. Score big with 8000 points and earn more cash rewards.
  46. Achieve 2000 points to grab 500 dice rolls.
  47. Hit 3000 points to unlock a Blue and Gold Sticker Pack.
  48. Reach 3500 points to get more cash rewards.
  49. Achieve 4000 points to enjoy a 15 Minutes Cash Grab.
  50. At 17500 points, you’ll receive a Blue and Gold Sticker Pack and a massive 7500 dice rolls.


Cookies for More Rewards

The Cookies mentioned in the rewards section can also be used in another ongoing event. As a Choco Partner, you can bake delicious chocolate cakes and compete with other players for even more exciting rewards.


How to Win Scottie’s Spa Event

To secure your victory in the Scottie’s Spa Event, here are some tips to get ahead:

  1. Earn Bones: Landing on Community Chest, Railroad space, or Chance spaces will earn you Bones, which are essential for unlocking rewards.
  2. Efficient Rolls: Make the most of your dice rolls as they are limited.
  3. Roll Multipliers: Use the game’s roll multipliers to maximize your points with less effort.
  4. Daily Wins: Don’t forget the daily quick wins that offer easy rewards.
  5. Free Dice Rewards: Keep an eye on the in-game shop for free dice rewards that refresh every 8 hours. Gathering as many as possible will boost your chances of winning.