My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers: Invisible Girl, Hagakure Saves The Day But Becomes Naked In The Midst Of Heating Battles



My Hero Academia, the famous anime and manga, has reached its final battle in Chapter 400. The epic showdown between heroes and villains takes a dramatic turn. We’ll explore what happened in this exciting chapter, full of surprises and suspense.


Chapter 399 Recap

In Chapter 399, things weren’t looking good for our heroes. All Might faced relentless attacks from All For One, and 32 other heroes struggled against the menacing villain Kuneida. Fat Gum and Yuga Aoyama put up a valiant fight, but the odds were against them. However, the Invisible Girl, Hagakure, came to their rescue with a dazzling move, turning the tide of battle.


Hagakure’s Heroic Intervention

Chapter 400 begins with Kuneida facing off against the last heroes standing, including Aoyama, Fat Gum, and the Invisible Girl. The heroes manage to defeat Kuneida, but there’s a twist. Hagakure, in her hero costume, becomes visible, revealing her naked body to Aoyama. It turns out that extreme stress and adrenaline during battles can sometimes trigger a glitch in her Quirk.

While Kuneida lies unconscious, his Quirk continues to wreak havoc, posing a challenge for the remaining heroes. Aoyama, despite being pushed to his limits, decides to give it his all, displaying remarkable courage in the face of danger.


All Might vs. All For One

The chapter then shifts its focus to the epic battle between All Might and All For One, both struck by a giant laser beam. All For One manages to dodge the laser with incredible skill, but All Might, using Tentacole and his suit’s thrusters, narrowly escapes the blast zone. However, All Might’s lower half sustains severe injuries, giving All For One an advantage in the upcoming battle. Nevertheless, the symbol of hope, All Might, keeps a smile on his face as a surprising revelation unfolds.


A Mysterious Child

During the battle, a child is revealed to be watching with great excitement, cheering whenever All Might gains the upper hand. The child is surrounded by a radiant aura, leading fans to speculate that All For One may have stolen his first Quirk from this innocent young observer. This mysterious twist adds an intriguing layer to the story.


Stain’s Unexpected Appearance

Chapter 400 also surprises us with the sudden arrival of Stain, the infamous vigilante. His appearance adds an element of uncertainty to the story, leaving fans eager to see how this unexpected development will impact the events to come.



My Hero Academia Chapter 400 delivers intense action, unexpected twists, and heart-pounding moments. Hagakure’s heroism, All Might’s unwavering resolve, the mysterious child, and Stain’s return have left fans on the edge of their seats. Whether you’ve already read it or are eagerly waiting for the official translations, this chapter promises an unforgettable journey in the world of heroes and villains. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the My Hero Academia saga!