Mystery Millionaire, Where Are They Now?



In 2014, the world was introduced to the captivating reality TV show, “Mystery Millionaire.” This unique program featured affluent individuals who concealed their wealth and embarked on a quest for love while living undercover as regular people with regular jobs and lifestyles. The participants engaged in various activities and dating scenarios throughout the season, all while viewers eagerly tried to deduce their true identities. As we delve into the lives of these enigmatic millionaires and their post-show journeys, let’s uncover some of the mysteries surrounding them.


Greg and Whitney – A Mystery Unveiled:

Greg, who played the role of a landscaper on “Mystery Millionaire,” had the opportunity to date both Tiffany and Whitney Greene during the 2014 episode. Ultimately, he revealed his true identity and chose Whitney as his final date, despite her initial aversion to his deception. After parting ways with Whitney, Greg embarked on a relationship with Christina, a fitness model and former US Army Ranger. He transitioned into the fitness industry and became a licensed personal trainer in Los Angeles. Greg Plitt also became the face of brands like Old Spice Body Wash and Under Armour. However, his life took a tragic turn when he passed away on January 17, 2015, after being struck by a train while filming a video on the tracks in Burbank, California. His untimely death shocked the reality TV industry and his admirers, leaving behind a legacy as a gifted and motivational figure.


The Reality Show Cast – Then and Now:

Following their appearances on “Mystery Millionaire,” the cast members chose to focus on their personal lives and careers. Michael III, a contestant on the show, became the CEO of Kringle Candle Company. The show centered around wealthy individuals seeking genuine companionship, emphasizing love over financial status. Mick, another affluent participant who disguised himself as a bartender in his quest for love, focused on expanding his candle business with his father after the show’s conclusion. The show featured several other notable cast members, including Ethan Alexander, CEO of a software company; Kal Williams, a businessman in the alcohol industry; Mandy Wolfe, heiress to the Carnation brand; and Vito Glazers, a media mogul.


Kal Williams – Thriving in Marketing:

Kal Williams currently serves as a partner and chief marketing officer at CARGO by Cynthia Bailey in California. Previously, he was the brand manager for Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka during the filming of “Mystery Millionaire.” In January 2014, Kal made the decision to leave the vodka business behind. In his current role, he is responsible for managing and creating campaigns for various clients, including notable companies such as Metro PCS.


Vito Glazers – Love and Success:

Vito Glazers, a well-known media entrepreneur, novelist, actor, producer, and reality TV personality, found love with Torry Hermann. In a romantic gesture in Times Square on August 10, 2022, Vito proposed to Torry, a popular social media influencer. The engagement ring, custom-made with the guidance of gemologist Manat Kaur, featured the birthstones of Vito and Torry as a special touch. Vito Glazers has continued to make a name for himself through appearances on reality TV shows on WE, Netflix, Bravo, and more. Beyond his on-screen endeavors, Vito is recognized as an authority in television and film production and has been featured in various programs, including “Vito Glazers – After Dark,” “Hollywood Disclosure with Serena DC,” “Life Unfiltered,” “Mountain Connections,” “Below Deck,” “Moscow TV,” and many others.

The lives of these “Mystery Millionaire” contestants have taken diverse paths since their time on the show. As we explore their journeys, we can appreciate the unique stories and experiences that have shaped their lives beyond the realm of reality television.