Naagin Season 6 2nd July 2023 full episode written update



Naagin, the beloved show that has captivated audiences for multiple seasons, is back with its gripping 6th installment. The latest season has introduced a new character, Pragati, who has stepped into the shoes of Prarthana, bringing fresh dynamics to the storyline. In this episode update, we delve into the latest developments.


A Glimpse of What’s to Come

Promo videos have teased an exciting and entertaining journey in this season of Naagin. Previously, viewers witnessed Raghav’s deceitful actions towards Prarthana, as he conspired with Mehek. Raghav’s ulterior motive for marriage was to avenge his father’s past. He finally reveals the truth to Pragati in a forest, where their marriage took place. Shocked and disbelieving, Pragati attempts to reason with him, but Raghav remains unmoved.


The Latest Episode Unfolds

The latest episode picks up with Raghav threatening Pragati, vowing to end her life for the suffering she has caused. He blames her for his yearning for his father’s love and points a gun at her. Desperate, Pragati pleads with him not to take any drastic actions. She reminds him that his father, an inspector, would be devastated to discover that his son had become a murderer. Mehek interjects, urging Raghav to ignore Pragati’s words. In a tense moment, Raghav fires the gun, and Pragati falls.

Raghav addresses his father, claiming that he has avenged his family’s honor and blames Pragati for the tragic turn of events. Ajay, who has been witnessing this harrowing scene, is left in shock. Mehek, satisfied with the outcome, advises Raghav to rest, convinced that her mission has been accomplished.


A Startling Revelation

Pragati’s life takes an unexpected turn as she is discovered by a relative. To her astonishment, she is surrounded by a group of snakes. She overhears a conversation among the elder snakes, where they discuss her Punarjanam (rebirth). Her relative, deeply concerned for her safety, seeks NagDev’s permission to take her home, expressing a willingness to sacrifice his life to protect her. The snakes, moved by his plea, depart from the scene.

As they depart, an unidentified individual arrives and identifies Pragati as a Naagin. This person lends assistance by removing a bullet lodged in her body. To find out more about these intriguing developments, tune in to Colors and stay tuned for further updates on Naagin Season 6.