Naagin Season 6 written update 27 May 2023 full episode updates


In the latest episode of the immensely popular show, Naagin 6, the excitement and drama continue to captivate viewers with its high TRP ratings. The talented cast continues to deliver outstanding performances, making it a must-watch for all entertainment enthusiasts.


Prarthana’s Concerns

The episode begins with shocking news spreading like wildfire: an attack on the Parliament has occurred. The media buzzes with reports of people bearing a mysterious snake mark on their wrists. Prarthana expresses her growing concern that the situation is spiraling out of control, leading to unnecessary controversies for the country. She fears for the safety of her loved ones and urgently instructs Swarana to take Ajay and the children home.


A Daughter’s Determination

However, Prarthana’s daughter has different plans. She insists on going to her grandparents’ house and declines her mother’s offer to take her home. Instead, she voices her desire to visit her parents. Prarthana reluctantly agrees to take them to the hospital, leaving Ajay with Swarana. She decides to accompany Raghu and heads to Prashant, hoping he can guide them in this dire situation.


Unveiling the Deadly Virus

Upon reaching Prashant, they are met with grim news. Prashant reveals that the poison responsible for the current crisis is a creation of Safole, a venomous virus that infiltrates the human bloodstream, causing paralysis. The virus poses a grave threat, with seemingly no way to combat its effects.


Prarthana’s Determination

Prarthana is not one to back down easily. Fueled by anger and determination, she refuses to accept defeat. She is on a mission to save her country from this deadly virus and confronts Prashant. She firmly believes that her father, the very creator of this virus, must have formulated a way to counteract its effects.


The Quest for the Formula

Prarthana embarks on a quest to locate the antidote formula. Raghu joins her in this perilous endeavor. Together, they scour the lab in search of the crucial formula that could save lives. Their search leads them to a diary that holds the potential key to their mission.


A New Threat Emerges

As they delve deeper into their quest, an unexpected threat arises. Jeet and Mehek make their presence known, and their intentions are far from benevolent. Intent on thwarting Prarthana and Raghu, they resort to drastic measures, including setting the lab on fire.


Mehek’s Cunning Plan

Mehek, showing her cunning side, confidently declares her ability to retrieve all the formulas from a single source. She asserts that she can extract the formula from Jeet’s mind, revealing herself as a Shesh Naagin with unique powers. Without hesitation, she acquires the formula from Jeet’s mind and departs, leaving Prarthana and Raghu in a precarious position.


A Clash of Forces

With Mehek and Jeet devising a new plan against them, Prarthana and Raghu find themselves in a race against time. The battle for the antidote and the safety of their loved ones intensifies as they confront not only the deadly virus but also formidable adversaries.

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates as Naagin 6 continues to weave its mesmerizing tale of intrigue, power, and mystique.