Nathan Nuyts And May Ridts Relationship Timeline




Valentine’s Day may have passed, but the love between couples continues to shine bright. Today, we delve into the enchanting world of Nathan Nuyts and May Ridts, a couple whose love story has captured the hearts of many. Fans are eager to follow their journey, from the blossoming of their romance to their family life and net worth. Known for their captivating couple content, this dynamic duo has made a name for themselves in the world of social media.


A Social Media Love Story

Nathan Nuyts and May Ridts are more than just a couple; they are social media sensations who embarked on their journey to fame together. Their rise to stardom began when they started sharing videos on TikTok, quickly garnering the admiration of users who found their content both relatable and entertaining. In no time, their popularity soared on TikTok, and they soon expanded their reach to other social media platforms, including Instagram. The couple’s engaging posts and endearing moments have captivated the online community, resulting in a massive and dedicated fan base eagerly awaiting their latest updates.


The Love That Flourished During the Pandemic

Amid the challenges posed by the pandemic, Nathan and May’s love story took a significant step forward as they got engaged. Their engagement video, shared on TikTok, marked a momentous milestone in their relationship. The couple has been active on TikTok for over two years, steadily establishing themselves as prominent content creators. While their fans adore their content, many are curious to learn more about their personal lives, which the couple tends to keep private.


Sharing Life’s Moments

On social media, Nathan and May generously offer glimpses into their daily lives. They share their makeup routines, daily activities, and workout regimens through engaging vlogs. May, a talented makeup artist, shares her beauty secrets and techniques, while Nathan focuses on fitness and workout-related content. These insights into their daily routines not only entertain but also inspire their followers to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.


Multifaceted Talents

Beyond their social media presence, Nathan Nuyts and May Ridts boast diverse talents and pursuits. Nathan, a fitness enthusiast, is the founder of and has also pursued a career in modeling, collaborating with various modeling agencies. His Instagram boasts an impressive following of 401k individuals. Similarly, May is a model with her own share of success, amassing 216k followers on Instagram. The couple’s chemistry and shared interests have endeared them to fans, who relish their joint adventures and cherished moments.


A Private Family Life

Despite their openness about many aspects of their lives, Nathan and May choose to keep their family life under wraps. They seldom share photos or details about their family members on social media, opting to maintain a level of privacy. This decision reflects their desire to shield their loved ones from the spotlight of their public life.


A Shared Net Worth

Nathan Nuyts and May Ridts have not only built a strong bond but have also achieved considerable financial success through their social media endeavors. Reports suggest that their combined net worth is approximately $5 million. While the exact figures remain undisclosed by the couple, their social media presence and brand collaborations have undoubtedly contributed to their financial prosperity.



The love story of Nathan Nuyts and May Ridts is a testament to the power of social media in shaping the lives and careers of individuals in the digital age. With their engaging content, relatable stories, and enduring love, they continue to inspire and entertain a growing audience. While they choose to keep certain aspects of their lives private, their dedication to their craft and their shared journey serve as a source of inspiration for many. As they continue to explore new horizons in their personal and professional lives, Nathan and May’s story remains one to watch, and their impact on the social media landscape is undeniable.