Netflix host Sara Jane Ho doesn’t have a husband but etiquette comes first



Sara Jane Ho, the gracious host of Netflix’s “Mind Your Manners,” is an expert in teaching the dos and don’ts of etiquette. While many wonder about her love life, Sara tends to keep it private, and as of now, she isn’t married.


Focusing on Etiquette, Not Marriage

Sara’s fingers don’t bear a ring, but they certainly know their way around an afternoon tea setting. Her mission is to empower Chinese women with the knowledge of presenting themselves in the best possible manner. Sara keeps herself occupied with etiquette classes and doesn’t currently have a boyfriend. Her last mention of a potential partner dates back to 2007 when she shared her breakup experience, as told to Financial Times.


Sara Jane Ho’s Relationship Status

As of now, Sara is not married and doesn’t have a boyfriend. Her social media accounts give no hints of a romantic partner, and her fingers adorn no rings that signify marital status.

Sara’s expertise in etiquette extends to both genders, as she imparts her wisdom to men as well. She emphasizes that an attractive woman understands the value of continual self-improvement. Through trial, error, and learning, one strives towards their best self. In this journey, a quality partner will stand proudly beside them.


A Glimpse into Sara’s Past

In 2007, Sara experienced a significant breakup, coinciding with a challenging period in her life. She shared with Financial Times that she lost her mother and grew disillusioned with her job in investment banking in New York.

During that same year, she acquired an oval sapphire and diamond ring. The dark hue of the sapphire, resembling onyx, adorned her finger for the ensuing months. Sara came to believe that wearing the gem symbolized change.

This remains the only instance where Sara openly discussed her own romantic experiences. On “Mind Your Manners,” she imparts online dating advice and guides cast members, like William, through exercises on maintaining eye contact in a room full of women.