“Nicola Bulley Autopsy Report Update: Post Mortem and Autopsy Details



Nicola Bulley, who had been missing for weeks near a Lancashire river, was discovered in the water. The search operation involved an extensive effort from officers and various agencies, including a specialist dive team. Now, the focus has shifted to Nicola Bulley’s autopsy findings. People are eager to understand the details surrounding her tragic passing. We’re here to provide you with the latest updates on this somber story. Keep scrolling to uncover the full account.


The Search Efforts

The National Crime Agency (NCA) had initially included a team of divers from Peter Faulding’s Specialist Group International (SGI) in their investigation to locate Nicola Bulley. It was believed that she might have fallen into the River Wyre. However, after three days of exhaustive searching, Nicola was tragically found in the river. Despite their best efforts, the dive team’s attempts to locate her proved unsuccessful.


Removal from Expert Advisers Database

In a turn of events, Peter Faulding and his team were subsequently removed from the Expert Advisers Database by the NCA. This decision was made after their challenges in locating Nicola Bulley in River Wyre. A spokesperson from the NCA clarified, “The NCA does not employ, endorse, or accredit experts on our adviser database. The database is subject to continual review and its purpose is to maintain a list of expertise UK law enforcement can draw upon when required.”


A Fateful Discovery

Ultimately, it was not the dive team’s efforts that led to the discovery of Nicola Bulley, but rather her body was found in nearby reeds along the riverbank. The search spanned both the tidal and non-tidal parts of the river. Peter Faulding expressed his efforts to cover significant ground in the search, extending over a mile upstream from the point where Nicola’s phone had been located.


The Ongoing Investigation

The heartbreaking loss of Nicola Bulley has left many questions unanswered. The investigation continues, aiming to piece together the events that led to this tragic outcome. As more information surfaces, we remain committed to keeping you informed about the developments in this deeply saddening case. Please stay tuned for further updates.

In the midst of this sorrowful event, our hearts go out to Nicola Bulley’s family and loved ones. May they find strength during this difficult time.