Is Nicola Sturgeon Gay? Controversy and Rumors Explained



Nicola Sturgeon, the former First Minister of Scotland, has often been the center of various rumors and controversies, especially regarding her personal life. This article aims to shed light on these controversies and provide a clearer picture of who she is.


Early Life and Career

Born on July 19, 1970, Nicola Sturgeon is a Scottish politician who has dedicated her life to serving her country. She has been a member of the Scottish Parliament since 1999, representing the Glasgow electoral region initially and later Glasgow Southside. Sturgeon resides in Broomhouse, Glasgow, with her husband, Peter, who once held the position of chief executive officer of the SNP. Their journey together began in 2003, and they even announced their engagement in January 2010. Speaking about her marriage, Nicola mentioned that being in a similar line of work as her husband has its ups and downs.


Personal Interests

Beyond politics, Nicola Sturgeon has a passion for fiction and finds solace in books. Reading brings her joy and helps her cope with the pressures of her work. Her mother, Joan, also had a strong connection with the SNP, serving as a councilor for the Irvine East ward from 2007 to 2016. Additionally, in 2016, Sturgeon revealed a deeply personal experience, sharing that she had suffered a miscarriage five years prior.


Health Concerns

In May 2022, Nicola Sturgeon tested positive for Covid-19, adhering to government guidelines by completing a self-isolation period. It’s important to note that these aspects of her life are well-documented and have no connection to the rumors surrounding her sexuality.


The Controversial Rumors

Over the years, Nicola Sturgeon has faced rumors suggesting that she is secretly a lesbian. These rumors often stem from the world of internet conspiracy theories. On a BBC podcast, she addressed some of these claims about her personal life. Sturgeon, like many politicians, has had to endure a fair share of rumors, but she revealed that she simply laughed off these false allegations.


Sturgeon’s Support for LGBTQ+ Rights

While rumors about her own sexuality have circulated, Nicola Sturgeon has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. In 2017, she offered a heartfelt apology to gay men who had been convicted of historical sexual offenses that are no longer considered illegal. Her apology coincided with legislative changes that automatically cleared the names of gay and bisexual men who had been convicted under outdated laws. Speaking in the Scottish Parliament, Sturgeon expressed her shock at the fact that consensual sexual activity between males in Scotland had once been classified as a crime.


Fighting Discrimination

Nicola Sturgeon’s commitment to LGBTQ+ equality goes beyond apologies. She has also taken steps to combat discrimination. One of her initiatives involved requiring all new teachers and existing guidance teachers to undergo equality training to address prejudice-based bullying. This initiative aimed to create a more inclusive and accepting educational environment for all students.



In conclusion, Nicola Sturgeon’s personal life has been the subject of much speculation and rumor, particularly regarding her sexuality. However, it’s essential to separate these rumors from her professional achievements and commitment to LGBTQ+ rights. Sturgeon’s journey as a Scottish politician is defined by her dedication to her country and her efforts to create a more inclusive society, regardless of one’s sexual orientation.