NINE.I Controversy Explained

NINE.I Controversy Explained



In the world of K-pop, making a debut that stands out is crucial. New Jeans and FIFTY FIFTY have shown how innovation can make a difference. But sometimes, pushing boundaries can lead to controversy. Enter NINE.I, a rookie K-pop group from FirstOne Entertainment, whose debut prologue film stirred up quite a storm. In this article, we’ll check out the NINE.I controversy, the backlash it received, and how the company responded.


NINE.I’s Unique Debut

NINE.I is a group of ten talented members – Jewon, Eden, Winnie, Minjun, Vahn, Vari, Seowon, Taehun, Joohyung, and Jiho. Their debut concept was named “The Birth of New Algorithm,” which aimed to blend futuristic elements with historical events. It sounded intriguing, but it didn’t sit well with everyone.


The Controversial Prologue Film

The trouble began with the release of the group’s prologue film. This video contained images from sensitive historical moments, including the Holocaust, the American Civil War, and references to black oppression. Netizens quickly voiced their concerns, claiming that these images were used in poor taste for a K-pop group’s promotion


Immediate Backlash

The backlash was swift and fierce. Many viewers were taken aback by the inclusion of such sensitive subjects in a music video. The company, FirstOne Entertainment, took notice and decided to take action before NINE.I’s official debut on March 30.


The Company’s Apology

FirstOne Entertainment issued an apology in the YouTube video description. They acknowledged that their use of historical images lacked sensitivity and caused hurt and disappointment. They took down the offensive clips and vowed to be more considerate in the future. The company also expressed gratitude for the support of their international fans and promised to provide better content in the future.


Redditors Weigh In

People on Reddit had diverse opinions on the controversy. Some understood the company’s attempt to portray humanity’s history but criticized their choice of images. They appreciated the company’s swift action and sincerity in apologizing.

Others pointed out that similar controversies had occurred in K-pop before, and they hoped that fans would hold the company accountable rather than the group.


My Conclusive View

In the quest to make a mark in the competitive world of K-pop, NINE.I’s debut prologue film stirred up controversy. While their concept aimed to blend history with futurism, the use of sensitive historical images drew widespread criticism. FirstOne Entertainment, the company behind NINE.I, took responsibility for their misstep and issued an apology. The incident serves as a reminder that innovation in the K-pop industry should always be mindful of the historical and cultural sensitivities of its global audience.