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Metropolis, an anime film, offers a glimpse into a futuristic world where robots face discrimination. This article delves into the plot, characters, and unique aspects of this visually stunning creation.


Metropolis Anime Plot

In a future world dominated by robots, humans blame them for taking their jobs. The story kicks off with the grand unveiling of The Ziggurat, a towering skyscraper owned by the wealthy Duke Red. Detective Shunsaku Ban and his nephew Kenichi arrive in Metropolis in search of a rogue scientist, Dr. Laughton.

Metropolis takes a dramatic turn when Duke Red enlists Dr. Laughton to build a powerful superweapon. However, unforeseen events lead to the scientist’s demise, leaving behind a mysterious girl with no memory. Kenichi forms a special bond with her, unaware that she is the advanced robot at the heart of the turmoil.


Metropolis Trailer

The trailer paints a vivid picture of the futuristic city, celebrating progress and technology. It showcases the contrast between the gleaming cityscape and the brewing conflict beneath the surface.

Metropolis Studio, Cast, and Crew: Directed by Rintaro, Metropolis is based on Osamu Tezuka’s renowned manga. Rintaro’s direction is hailed as one of his finest works. The talented team includes Katsuhiro Otomo for screenplay, Toshiyuki Honda for music, and Yasuhiro Nakura for character design.

The main cast features Kei Kobayashi as Kenichi, Yuka Imoto as Tima, Junpei Takiguchi as Dr. Laughton, Kouki Okada as Rock, Kousei Tomita as Shunsaku Ban, and Tarô Ishida as Duke Red.


Release and Viewing Options

Metropolis premiered in Japan on May 26, 2001, captivating audiences for 113 minutes. It later gained international recognition, earning over $4 million. In the US, it earned a PG-13 rating due to its intense scenes.

Although not currently available on major streaming platforms, Metropolis can be purchased on Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Apple TV. Excitingly, it will also be screened at the BFI IMAX cinema in London on Sunday, September 17.


Metropolis Manga and Film Differences

The Metropolis manga, completed in a single volume in September 1949, is the precursor to the anime film. While the manga and movie share a name, they follow distinct storylines. Director Rintaro humorously acknowledges that Tezuka, the creator, might not have approved of the plot alterations.

Notably, the character Tima differs significantly from the manga’s Mitchi, both in abilities and identity. Additionally, the enigmatic character Rock was introduced in the film to add depth and background.



Metropolis offers a captivating journey through a cyberpunk world rife with societal tensions. Its stunning visuals and compelling narrative make it a must-watch for anime enthusiasts. Whether in the UK or elsewhere, the allure of Metropolis is bound to leave a lasting impression.