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Anahi, the famous Mexican actress, singer, and songwriter, has won the hearts of many with her talent. Born on May 14, 1983, in Mexico City, Mexico, she has been a part of the entertainment world since 1986. Her journey began with the TV show “Chiquilladas,” and from there, she soared to success in both television and music. But today, we’re diving into the world of her family – her parents and siblings.


Meet Anahi’s Husband and Children

Anahi is a married woman, and her husband’s name is Manuel Velasco Coello. They tied the knot in 2015 and are the proud parents of two lovely children. However, life hasn’t always been a smooth ride for Anahi. She once battled a severe eating disorder known as anorexia, where the hunger for food seemed to vanish. This condition can be life-threatening, and at one point, Anahi’s weight dropped to a worrying 34 kilograms. Thankfully, she recovered and, in 2008, launched a campaign against anorexia and bulimia, using her own experience to raise awareness. Her resilience and determination have earned her numerous achievements.

The Mystery Surrounding Anahi’s Parents

Fans of Anahi are curious about her parents, and we’ve dug into this mystery to bring you some insights. Anahi was born to Enrique Manuel Puente, her father, and Tysa Portilla, her mother. While we know their names, specific details about their professions and backgrounds remain private. Anahi’s family seems to prefer a low-profile existence away from the public eye.

Meet Anahi’s Siblings

Anahi isn’t alone in her family journey; she has siblings who are equally important in her life. She is the second child in her family and has an older sister named Merichelo Puente. Merichelo, born in 1978, shares a special bond with her younger sister Anahi. Additionally, Anahi has another elder sibling named Diana Puente, who is the daughter from her father’s previous marriage. Their family dynamics are a testament to the love and connections that run deep in Anahi’s life.



while we may not have all the details about Anahi’s parents’ professions and backgrounds, it’s clear that family plays a significant role in her life. With a loving husband, children, and supportive siblings, Anahi has a strong foundation that has helped her navigate the highs and lows of her remarkable career. As fans continue to admire her talents, they can also appreciate the importance of family in Anahi’s life, even if certain aspects of it remain shrouded in mystery.