One Piece Chapter 1090 The Raw Scans And Spoilers Are Finally Out!


Excitement Builds Ahead of One Piece Chapter 1090

One Piece enthusiasts, get ready for a dose of excitement! Chapter 1090 is set to release this Sunday, August 20, but the raw scans and spoilers have already surfaced, causing quite a stir among fans.


 Clash of Titans: Kizaru vs. Sentomaru

In this latest chapter, fans are in for a treat as the formidable Kizaru and Sentomaru are gearing up for a high-octane showdown. The tension is palpable as these two powerful characters prepare to cross swords, promising an epic battle in the world of One Piece.

Luffy’s Bold Declaration

The chapter kicks off with Monkey D. Luffy making a bold proclamation. He declares his ambition to become the King of the Pirates and drops a bombshell by revealing an alliance with Dr. Vegapunk. Luffy’s words carry weight as he urges the fleet to withdraw from the shore if they value the safety of York, a key figure in their mission.

 Gorosei’s Curiosity

The Gorosei, the highest authority in the World Government, express curiosity about the identity of the person on board with Luffy. However, Luffy’s companion, Nico, wisely advises him not to divulge too much information at this stage. This secrecy is crucial as they have three vital elements to protect: York’s safety, the invaluable punk records stored within his brain, and the power plant necessary to tame the Mother Flame. Everything else, according to the Gorosei, can be sacrificed.

York’s Warning

York, on the other hand, issues a dire warning to the Straw Hats. She threatens that the Marines will wipe Egghead Island off the map if any harm befalls her. Rob Lucci, a Marine operative, meticulously reports on the number of people on board and the extent of injuries to the World Government.

 Gratitude in the Underground Laboratory

Beneath the surface in the Laboratory Basement, the Straw Hats receive gratitude from those they’ve aided and are told they are in their debt. Dr. Vegapunk reassures them that the Seraphim won’t escape, thanks to the secure material of their imprisoning bubble balls, which are impervious to both explosives and devil-fruit powers.

 S-Snake’s Unique Ability

An intriguing revelation unfolds as it’s disclosed that S-Snake’s ability to undo the Straw Hat crew’s petrification, despite Vegapunk’s programming, is due to her being a perfect copy of Hancock. She simply couldn’t resist Luffy’s request.

 York’s Hidden Password

York holds the key to the Frontier Dome’s protective barrier, safeguarded by a secret password she hasn’t shared with the other brains. She believes this password, along with the Marine Government’s intervention, will ensure her safety. Meanwhile, Nami’s log pose points towards Elbaaf, a northeast island, sparking thoughts of escape using Vegapunk’s technology. As the plan takes shape, Vegapunk endeavors to crack the password.

Kizaru’s Strategy

Kizaru reveals his cunning plan not to tamper with the Frontier Dome’s lasers due to his friendly ties with Vegapunk’s guard stationed there. Instead, they target the mechanized sea beasts, as explosives are ineffective against the Pacifistas. Kizaru initiates the attack, prompting Sentomaru to unleash the Pacifistas.

Luffy’s Premonition

In the chapter’s closing moments, Luffy taps into his Observation Haki, sensing the imminent arrival of an incredibly powerful individual. The anticipation among fans is electric as they speculate about the identity of this enigmatic newcomer capable of making Luffy apprehensive.

 The Mystery Deepens

Fans are buzzing with theories as they attempt to decipher who this formidable figure might be. While some suspect it could be Kizaru displaying his full might, others speculate that a member of Blackbeard’s crew may be making an entrance, further adding to the intrigue.


Chapter 1090 of One Piece has set the stage for an intense showdown between Kizaru and Sentomaru, while Luffy’s bold declaration and the mystery surrounding the powerful newcomer keep fans on the edge of their seats. With the excitement building, fans can’t wait to dive into the latest chapter and uncover the secrets of the One Piece world. Stay tuned for the official release on August 20!