Paradzai Mesi Arrested: Sungura musician charged for stealing groceries



A video making rounds on social media is causing quite a stir, but it’s not what you might expect. This viral clip has nothing to do with explicit content or any form of indecency. Instead, it reveals an incident of theft that occurred in a grocery store. This peculiar news has captured the attention of social media users, inspiring a flurry of memes and discussions. At the center of this surprising development is none other than renowned Sungura musician, Paradzai Mesi, leader of the famed “Njerama Boys” band. This revelation has left his fans in disbelief, struggling to reconcile their image of him as a role model with the reality of him being a thief, stealing groceries from stores.


The Unusual Supermarket Heist

While it may seem bizarre, the incident is indeed a serious matter worth pondering. Paradzai Mesi found himself in custody on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, accused of shoplifting groceries from a store located at Henstone Farm in Glendale. According to local reports, Mesi had been enjoying a drink at a local bar before wandering into the store, where he was allegedly caught red-handed attempting to steal groceries. Numerous witnesses were present during the incident.


Influence of Alcohol and Peer Pressure

Eyewitnesses have shed light on the situation, suggesting that the musician was under the influence of alcohol and may have been coerced by his companions to commit the theft. One eyewitness stated, “Baba Paradzai Mesi vanoti havasi mbavha zvachose. He is not a thief at all. He was just drunk, and his pals pushed him to do it.” However, it’s essential to remember that despite his popularity, Mesi has faced personal and financial challenges in recent years, impacting his reputation and music career. He has been accused of neglecting his family and failing to compensate his band members. Additionally, a lack of support and resources has hindered his ability to release new albums and perform at shows.


A Veteran Sungura Musician

Paradzai Mesi is a seasoned Sungura musician known for creating hit songs in the ’90s, including “Chikwama Changu,” “Nhamo Moto,” and “Mukoma Ngito.” He also serves as a mentor to other successful artists, such as Alick Macheso. The video capturing the supermarket theft has circulated widely online, making it a trending topic. For further updates on this intriguing story, stay tuned here.