Parker isn’t in a Gold Rush to marry while mining is his top priority



Parker Schnabel, known for his endeavors on Discovery’s Gold Rush, has been fervently pursuing valuable gold since parting ways with his girlfriend. While fans wondered if he tied the knot with Tyler Mahoney, that’s not the case.


No Rush to the Altar

As of now, Parker isn’t married and is currently single. He was previously in a relationship with Ashley Youle, a veterinary nurse who joined him on Gold Rush. Unfortunately, their split was revealed in 2018. Parker took responsibility for the breakup, acknowledging he hadn’t given the relationship the attention it deserved.


A Commitment to Gold Prospecting

While rumors circulated about Parker’s new relationship, a photo with a female acquaintance proved to be a misunderstanding. The woman, Sheena Cowell, is happily committed elsewhere. Parker’s main focus remains unearthing precious gold, as showcased on the Discovery series.


The Golden Harvest

Leading a dedicated team, including his father Roger and Rick Ness, Parker’s crew achieved an impressive feat in season 11, collecting 7504.9 ounces of gold, valued at a staggering $14 million. This success significantly contributed to Parker’s current net worth, estimated to be around $10 million.

Parker Schnabel’s unwavering dedication to the world of gold mining continues to be his primary pursuit. While love may not be at the forefront for him at the moment, his passion for unearthing riches beneath the earth’s surface is undeniable. With each successful season, Parker’s wealth and expertise in the mining industry only continue to grow.