Police Arrested Man, Who Sent Threatening Email To School In Leeds And Bradford



Malicious Email Prompts Police Action

In recent unsettling news, a man has been arrested in connection with sending threatening emails to schools in Leeds and Bradford. The arrest comes in response to a series of alarming emails that targeted the safety of children and staff members in various schools in Leeds.


 Lockdown Concerns at Leeds Schools

The nature of the threatening emails has not been disclosed to the public. One primary school head teacher, taking these threats seriously, informed parents that the school was treating them as credible. As a precaution, children were kept indoors throughout the day. West Yorkshire police swiftly launched an investigation into the matter and have now made an arrest warrant in connection with the case.


Mixed Messages About Lockdown

Despite the arrest, some reports suggest that the police did not officially instruct schools to go into lockdown or confirm the credibility of the threats. However, Sharp Lane Primary School sent a text message to parents announcing that the school would remain closed for the day. The school emphasized that there was no direct threat at that time, and both children and staff were safe. Other schools in the same region, including Richmond Hill Academy, Ruth Gorsee Academy, Windmill Primary School, and Beeston Primary School, were believed to be affected as well. Fortunately, these schools are expected to resume normal operations soon.


Reassurance Amidst Concerns

Gildersome Primary School took to Facebook to reassure parents that they were not in lockdown. However, the staff were remaining extra vigilant following the threats. Authorities at the school emphasized that their sites were not under threat, but they were taking precautionary measures as advised by the local authority. Additionally, the police and officers provided reassurance and safety guidance to affected schools.


Email Threats Extend Beyond Leeds

These alarming email threats have not been limited to Leeds alone. Several schools in the Bradford district also received threatening emails, which are currently under investigation by the police.

As the investigation unfolds, concerned parents and communities await further updates and reassurance regarding the safety of their children in the affected schools. The authorities are working diligently to ensure the security of all students and staff members.